Few Common Signs that your Baby might have Colic


All babies cry, especially in the first few weeks after birth. This alone is a thorn in the flesh of many nursing mothers. Crying is their way of letting you know they need something or are uncomfortable. They may need changing, they may be hungry, or maybe they just need a cuddle.


If your baby cries suddenly and often, but they otherwise appear to be happy and healthy, they may have colic. Colic is common in babies although uncomfortable, it is not that serious, and it usually affects babies only in their first few months of birth. These are frequent, prolonged, and intense crying or fussiness in healthy infants which puts them in distress, and possibly no amount of consoling might seem to be able to bring them any relief. The most common symptom of colic is continuous crying, which typically occurs in the late afternoon or evening. Other signs include a flushed appearance, drawing their legs to their chest, clenching fists, passing wind, and having trouble sleeping.


Colic in babies is often possibly caused by factors such as digestive system that isn’t fully developed, imbalance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, food allergies or intolerances, overfeeding, underfeeding or infrequent burping, an early form of childhood migraine, family stress, or anxiety. This is why it is important for nursing mothers to cognizant of the things that go around their babies.


When babies cry, it can be upsetting, it can be easy to get frustrated for you as a mother and you may not be getting much sleep. It is very important to stay calm during these periods and don’t be afraid or shy to ask for help.


If your baby’s crying seems different in any way such as a very high-pitched cry or a whimper, then you should seek medical advice. Crying can sometimes be a sign that your baby is unwell. Trust your instincts – you know your baby best.


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