Daddy’s Princess

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 Sergent Jamal walked into the detention room with disappointment in his eyes. It was a hot afternoon and he had been involved with an unnecessary arguement with his wife over the price of fuel. Just because he works for the government doesn’t mean he has access to certain issues . “I am a sergent not an Inspector General” he said countless times but women only listen to their own voice.

“Where is she?” He asked as he walked into the detention room. Sergent Jamal could not believe his eyes when he looked at the young girl stained in blood with tears in her eyes.

“She has been crying since we met her. Her family were murdered, she was the only survivor.” Office Ade answered his unasked question. 

 Sergent Jamal sat opposite the teenage girl in pity, her face buried in her palms. Why is the world so cruel? No child has to experience this, no one deserves this. “Its okay, you are safe here.” He handed her his handkerchief. “Can you tell me your name?”

“Princess” She whimpered

“Okay Princess, can you tell us what happened?”


“I killed him” She sobbed quietly “I didn’t mean to…it just happened”

Sergent Jamal looked at Officer Ade with so much confusion on his face, the reaction was mutual.

 Princess’ mind travelled to hours earlier as she knelt down in tears begging whatever spirit, god or demon that was listening to grant her this one wish: to bring him back to life. No response. She watched him drown in the pool of his own blood.

“Why did you kill him? Did he touch you? Did he harass you?”

“No…He never did any of those… I didn’t mean to kill him I swear”

“Do you realise you brought yourself to a Police station to admit murder?”

“What’s the use of living at this point? I hope I get a death sentence.”

Sergent Jamal looked at her with sympathy, a young girl whose life had been ruined by her mistake. “How old are you?”

“I will be sixteen next month”

“You are too young for this”

“Can you tell me what happened from the beginning” He signalled to Officer Ade to get the recorder. Princess bowed her head in thought. Where does this begin? From birth? She looked at her hands and her mind travelled to when she was six, the day her mother told her about her birth.

“Pricilia said I am weird, she said babies are supposed to cry when they are born and I did not cry. ” Six years old Princess said while sitting on her mother’s lap with hands on her mother’s necklace.

“Do not mind your sister, you are not weird, you are special. It is true that you did not cry when you were born, for a moment I was scared that I lost you. The nurses did the best they could but you did not cry till your father walked in and held you in his arms. You cried and he cried too that is why he named you Princess.”

Was it then? Was that the beginning? When did she fall for him? She went through her mind but found no answer to this question, she raised her eyes to meet Sergent Jamal’s gaze.

“I really don’t know when it started, I don’t know when I fell in love with him.”

“In love? For clarity sake, who are we talking about here”

Princess gave him this look that asked if he was playing dumb or if he was really dumb. She looked at her hands once more. “They say every daughter’s first love is their father. I loved him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your questions are becoming quite irritating, you are beginning to look smarter than you sound.”

“Are you crazy? Do you realise who you are talking to? I will…” One look at Sergent Jamal and Officer Ade realised he messed up. He let his emotions get the best of him. He bowed his head in shame. “I am sorry sir.”

“I hope you realise the position you’ve found yourself, I suggest you cooperate with me instead of making things difficult for yourself.” Princess dwindled with her fingers this time.

“I think we were meant to be. I loved him and he loved me. I was his favourite in the house and he listened to me even when he didn’t. I knew we belonged together” Princess became melancholic and it feels like something in her broke as she began to cry again. “I don’t know why he didn’t see it”. 

 Princess was only thirteen when she first experienced the urge for ecstacy, the day she peeped through the door of her parent’s room. A moment that would remain vividly etched in her mind forever. Her eyes widened and she felt a sensation between her little thighs. She watched her mother on all fours and her father slamming hard from behind, her mother made sounds she had never heard and she saw parts of them she never knew they had. Weeks later Princess would be influenced by her peers and introduced to pornography, she would not be excited by young boys with young girls, she would search for categories of older men who found pleasure in younger girls and her hand will find it way between her thighs. Her mind would become creative and she would imagine her father pounding her like they did, her fingers will move faster and…

“You still haven’t explained what happened today. How are you the only survivor?” Sergent Jamal’s asked, dragging her from her memories.

“I…I was tired. I did my best to show him, to give him the green lights but he was oblivious to him then I realised he would never see me that way because I was his princess, that’s all I would ever be.” She raised her head and looked at Sergent Jamal with eyes drunk with passion. “I wanted more, I wanted to be his queen, then it hit me. Maybe if my mother was out of the way I would become his queen, he would hold my hips and fuck me from behind…so I tried to poisoned her, I poured sniper in her egusi but she didn’t eat it. She said it tasted funny so I stabbed her thrice.”

“Blood of Jesus!” Officer Ade screamed. “Sir this girl is a devil! Daughter of Eve! Jesus Christ!”

Sergent Jamal sat dumbstruck, his lips trembled a bit. Is this really a sixteen years old? How did her mind end up there? Sergent Jamal looked at her and his mind raced home to his only daughter Fatima. Could she too?

“Priscilia saw me and screamed. At first I wanted to silence her but then I realised that she was also a competition. If mother died she would take up the role of motherhood and father might love her so I stabbed her neck and watched her bleed. It was okay till..”

“Okay? Killing your mother and sister was okay? Are you from the marine spirit? God will not allow somebody to give birth to this kind of child tori olun”

“Officer Ade control yourself”

“Sir can’t you hear what she is sayin…”

“Officer Ade! Do not let me repeat myself”

Officer Ade bowed his head once again, defeated “I’m sorry sir”

 Sergent Jamal took a deep breath, he had never encountered such case in his fifteen years of working in the force. Why did she report herself? More importantly why kill the man she claimed to love. Love? A sixteen years old girl understands love? Isn’t love suppossed to mean nothing but valentine rose and chocolates given to her by SS3 boys? How did her mind skip that and go so far? Where did her parents go wrong? what was she exposed to? So many questions Jamal would love to find answers to. He took another deep breath and asked “If you love your father as much as you claim why did you kill him?”

The vivid image of her father’s cold body displayed in her head and she broke into tears. “I thought he would love me, I thought he would look at me with love but in his eyes I was a monster. I was excited to tell him about how it was just us left and how we could have the world to ourselves if we wanted but the closer I moved to him the farther he moved away. His eyes…his eyes were filled with so much fear like I am some sort of demon. He ran and picked up his phone to call for help, I wanted to tell it that it’s too late, that it’s just us against the world. In his attempt to call the police he slipped and I…I tried to save him but…I reached out to save him from falling. I forgot about the knife in my hand and…” Her voice drowned in tears. “I just want to die now, please kill me”

 Officer Ade shook his head violently and resisted all urge to bind and cast her into the pit of hell. He looked at Sergent Jamal but couldn’t read his expression. They both watched her cry for a while.

“I don’t understand you.” Sergent Jamal finally said. “You convinietly killed your mother and sister but you need the Police to kill you?” Sergent Jamal stood and took a deep breath. “This case has solved itself, the rest is up to the judge. I pray Almighty Allah forgive you”

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  1. How did you think of this ordezzy 😯 this man ☺️☺️😃👌nice one, but you don put fear for person body. I don’t want a princess

  2. To say this is good is an understatement…. Enjoyed every bit of the story and how not cliche it is 🥰🥰🥰

  3. Great piece Michael, I enjoyed every bit of it.

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