The Beauty in Tragedy

The Beauty in Tragedy

The thought of tragedy is one we try so hard to avoid. The choice of tragedy is almost never an option. Why would anyone choose to watch a tragic movie over a romantic comedy of a hot teenager stuck in a love triangle? The sad emotions and tears that accompany any tragic movie is one we try to abstain from. Inasmuch as we dislike the concept of tragedy one would have to admit that the world would be less beautiful, less important and insignificant without tragedy. After all (according to what we see on television) most tragic stories become success stories.
Every time I write a story people ask me questions like “Why are you obsessed with tragedy?” “Why do you like sad and dark thing?” “Why are you sad?” When ask these questions I always reply with “There is beauty in tragedy.” Inasmuch as my reply irks a lot of people I stand by it all the time.
Tragedy is summarised as an action that excites fear and pity. Let us take Samson in the Bible as an example. Samson’s pride and disobedience lead to his downfall. The death of Samson makes you pity him and the fear of ending up like Samson makes you work on your flaws; pride and disobedience. Therefore one can say tragedy is a compass that saves us from walking into the path of doom.
You might wonder if it is okay to write sad stories since a lot of bad things happen anyway; people die daily, the government sink the economy and spread hunger faster than the gospel. My answer is YES! Tragedy mirrors the society, reflects our flaws and reveals why they should be corrected. It is okay to want to distract ourselves with imaginary, ephemeral happiness seen in comedy but one cannot run away from the truth. Tragedy reveals our truth.
When I write tragic stories I tell myself that I am telling someone’s story; I am reminding them that they exist. Stories are memories, they are written pictures. I capture these memories and tell them to the world, making people learn from it, telling them that whatever pain they felt isn’t new. I remind them that it’s okay to have bad seasons, people have it too. Everyone have bad days. Everyone, including those with beautiful smiles and perfect captions on social media platforms. I remind them that it’s okay to have flaws. I show parents the effects of their bad examples, I remind people of the repercussions of disloyalty. I tell myself that in my little way I am making the world a better place by telling the truth.
Let us leave the lessons we learn. Let us come to realise the beauty in it, how tragedy makes a story so beautiful you can swear it would not be perfect if it was comedy or anything else. The beauty of the popular movie “Titanic” is the fact that Jack sacrificed himself for Rose. Sacrifice: a characteristic of love. The tears you shed when you realised Jack died is one the things that made you love the movie. The pity you had for him and Rose who would live her life without the one person she opened her heart to. That is the beauty of it. We can count movies like this that will make us sad at the end but it’s the sadness that makes it beautiful. The sadness from “The fault in our stars” “Five feet apart” and many more that make us recommend it to our friends. Of course the pain and fear you feel from watching “The passion of Christ” makes you cry and swear that you will never sin again. Only for you to be lured into Femi’s bed a week later.
Tragedy does not mean it is a story filled with overwhelming sadness, no. One cannot have pity for a character they do not love. Tragedy is most times balanced, there are good moments too. Just like life, we have good days and bad days. Like Jack and Rose who had wonderful moments before the ship began to sink.
Comedy puts a smile on our faces and creates an illusion for a while but tragedy makes us face reality and learn from it. There is beauty in tragedy for there is beauty in life and tragedy mirrors it.

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