The Lady in Red

The Lady in Red


No one knew her name, no one cared
All they knew was that her favorite colour was red.
The lady in red as she was called
Would wear her best red gown to your door
If you could pay when she offered the bill
The lady in red would be yours to please.
The lady in red looked good in red
The lady in red was also good in bed.
She was the type of woman that made a man kneel
She had a way to make you worship her like a queen.
She would be a queen for the night
You will worship her with her legs apart.
The lady in red was beautiful to a fault
She would suck you from your tip to your nuts.
The lady in red was flexible and wild
She would please you with any style.
She would be your queen at dusk
At dawn her crown would rust.

To everyone she was a bad example
The type of girl that every man “sampled.”
The lady in red did this to protect her sisters
From the drunken rapist they called father.
How could she make money if she couldn’t read?
How do you survive in a world ruled by degree?
One day she picked up her favorite red dress and tried her first job
Inhaling every pain, she made him pleased
She used the money to pay her siblings fees
They never knew the work she did, she never told them
They must survive in this world ruled by evil men.

One day she fell sick and visited the doctor to find the answer
It was then she was diagnosed with cancer.
She could have spent the money on her treatment bills
But her siblings would have to stop schooling if she couldn’t pay the fees
One cool evening the lady in red was found dead
Many judged, some wept.
The lady in red was a bad example
But when it comes to true love, she was a prime example.

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