We Love You

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This is an appreciation poem,
My way of saying thank you.
Thank you for being here,
For walking through the dark days that stole your light.
Thank you for not leaving.
When pessimism came like a quicksand,
Dragging your foot into what might be at the
other side; You held on.
When you were drowning in the ocean of despair,
Trying to scream but lungs filled with doubt can do little,
You kept swimming to tomorrow.
Thank you for choosing to stay,
Thank you for fighting constantly,
Waging wars against the forces in your head
Yet you never raised the white flag.
Thank you for surviving,
For being on diet when suicide came like sweet things.
Thank you for helping us keep black robes in the closet,
For helping us keep tears locked away from our faces,
For helping us keep pictures of you on the
We love you.


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