Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

It’s time for the bride to walk into the church. I’m beaming with joy. I walk the aisle with my father as the hymns remind me of how special today is. I see Edward in his white suit
“You’re beautiful” he whispers. I try to hide my smile. I’m beautiful
We exchange vows, I take my time to say the words. “I Chizoba Okechukwu accept Edward Nnamdi as my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and health, for better or worse. So help me God.”
The pastor raise our hands and say “Brethren I present to you, the Nnamdis. A ripple of shout and scream ran through the congregation. I can’t hide my excitement anymore, I’m now Mrs Chizoba Nnamdi.
The ride home is long, I’m thinking of how life will be different as a married woman, as Mrs Chizoba Nnamdi. Knowing that Edward is all mine from now on make me shiver in pleasure, I look at him looking as cute as ever, lost in the rhythm of the song playing from the car stereo and smile. I kiss him lightly on his lips, smiling, he deepens the kiss entaglingling his fingers in my hair, I smile and bite his lip playfully and place a kiss on his forehead.
He look at me and ask “Teasing your husband huh?”
“Was that teasing?” I reply pulling his zipper down and releasing his hard member, stroking it with my fingers.
“Be quiet” I whisper.
I blow on the tip of his cock with exagerrated puckered lips and feel him shiver, I smile and repeat it before I take his length into my mouth gliding slowly and feeling his heart beat faster, I increase the pace and a moan escape from his lips “shhh” I whisper with my eyes open wide. My tongue darts out and swipes over the small opening while my hands travel up and down his thick, hard shaft, twisting just enough and gripping with the right amount of pressure. His breathing increases and exhale quietly trying not to get the driver’s attention, I roll my tongue around his shaft and hear him moan slightly, I do it again dragging my tongue up and down his cock, giving his balls a little squeeze, he whispers my name in pleasure, this time I take his full length back into my mouth gliding happily, gradually increasing the pace then his hips start jerking forward and I feel his muscles become tense, he starts vibrating as though he was about to burst then I stopped, looked at the head of his cock now red and swollen, biting my lip, I whisper to him “that was teasing”
Edward sits up and smiles at me “two can play this game”
“We’ve arrived” the driver interrupts
“Thank you Adams, you can take the week off too” Eddy replys as we alight from the car.
“Chizoba, could you please open the door? The keys are under the door mat” Eddy asks concentrating on his phone “Alright baby” I reply unlocking the door.
“Home sweet home” I say out loud as I twirl into our room, I pull off my dress and wrap myself in a towel staring at Edward whose attention is still on his phone, I step into the shower secretly expecting my husband to join me but he doesn’t. After what seems like hours, a nearly frustrated Chizoba waltz out of the shower. I join Eddy on the bed and sit facing him with my breast in view. I’m wearing only a thong.
“Hmmm?” He answers conventionally without drawing his gaze from his phone.
“It’s my wedding night” I’m getting frustrated
“Our wedding night” he corrects without looking at me
“Baby, I want you”
“You do? ”
“Right now” I reply already frustrated. Drop the damn phone!
“I’m not sure I heard you correctly” he replies still fiddling with his phone.
I know what he is trying to do. I smile.
“I’m not playing this game with you babe” I pull his phone out of his hands. I moved so close to him and nibble on his ear
“Chizoba, what’s going on?”
I move to his neck, patiently sucking and ignoring his question, he sits up and smile down at me, his eyes on my bright red thong. He moves swiftly, his hands down my body pulling my panties off and tossing them across the room. His face in between my thighs, his tongue exploring my insides “God! Eddy!” I gasp arching against him when his hands move to my breasts, working and kneading, lavishing my breasts with attention and till working my insides out with his tongue. I twist from one side to the other, gathering the soft sheets with my hands, moaning in pleasure as he pinches my nipples which are now as hard as tiny stones. My head thuds against the bed, heat pulsing through my blood from the point where his tongue drove me mad.
My legs flex against his back urging him closer, my hands cupping his head to hold him still, as I rock into him, feeling the rough strands of his hair against my sensitive inner thighs is its own provocation, heightening my awareness of everything around me, his tongue rubbed a sweet spot and my eyes rolls back into my head So close, the strength of what was building was staggering.
I cum groaning, every muscle drawn taut, it was almost too much. Almost
Eddy pulls off his clothes and takes out his hard, eager member mounting me, he enters slowly, his erection grows larger and harder. He drives himself deeper into me, each thrust sending shivers down my spine, he moans in pleasure as the strength of each thrust kills me softly, increasing the pace, I feel his muscles contract “fuckkkk!” I scream as every point in my body sparks with desire again, my mouth wide open, I lose all control of my senses, Eddy thrusting like a raging storm comes crashing down like the wall of Jericho, releasing every fluid in my insides.
“Happy married life baby” he says and kisses my forehead. He brings the champagne and fills the cups.
“Till death do us part.” He winks. I blush.
“Till death do us part.” We toast. Clink
He picks up his phone again, this time I am flabbergasted. “Why are you with your phone. What’s so important that can’t wait till tomorrow?”
“Our will.”
“I gave out to charity.”
Charity? Who gives to charity on their wedding night?
“How is that ‘our’ will” I ask with all the calmness I can gather.
“I figured we won’t need it so I gave out all my money”
“What?! Why will you do that? What about us? How are we supposed to survive without money?” I get off the bed and walk to and fro in the bedroom. This is not how I planned to spend my wedding night. Who gives out all his money on his wedding night? How are we going to afford our honeymoon? “Eddy this is a joke right?” I look at his face, searching for answers. He’s serene and it’s annoying.
“What came over you Eddy?” No response
“How could you do that to me? To us? How could you?!” I scream
“The same thing I ask myself. How could you?!” He screams at me. “How could you betray me Chizoba? Why?”
My anger vanishes and a new emotion surface: guilt. My body feels cold and I’m taciturn. My legs can no longer carry the weight of my body, I fall to the floor. He knows
“How long?” He asks calmly. I’m unable to speak; Unable to put my words together.
“I have loved you righteously and you pay me back by having sex with my brother. For how long?”
His hands are trembling, he might hit me.
“Six month now. It just kind of happened. I swear I… ” Tears run down my face as he kisses me. I’m perturbed. What’s wrong with Eddy? Who kisses a cheating partner? Chike and I just happened. Eddy left me for an urgent surgery at the hospital. Chike and I entertained ourselves in his absence by just talking suddenly his lips were on mine. I didn’t fight it, I embraced it and we had sex. I thought it was the last time but it kept happening.
Eddy is looking at me, smiling. I’m bemused. “I am sorry” I whimper.
He sits on the bed and taps it, signalling me to sit beside him. I do as I’m told.
“I discovered yesterday evening. I was about to use his phone to call the baker for the cake when your message popped up. You sent him nudes and told him it was the last time you’ll be doing that. I read your messages and saw everything; pictures and videos. At first I thought about calling off the wedding and fighting my brother. I was angry, I felt betrayed but I didn’t. I wouldn’t fight by brother because of a woman and I didn’t want to lose you so I didn’t call off the wedding.”
My body quiver and I’m soaked in regrets. My life is ruined. He looked at me and kissed me again.
“I wish you loved me like I love you.”
“I do” I whimper
“You don’t but you will when we meet again.” Meet again I’m bemused.
“I… I don’t understand what you mean”
“This world isn’t meant for us. Our sin cannot be forgiven here. I can’t forget how much you hurt me but I want to. I want us to live together in a world where we love each other wholeheartedly that’s why we die tonight.”
Oh my God. Eddy is insane. Death? Is the wage of cheating death? I shudder in fear and look at his face. He’s serene as usual. You can’t read Edward.
“You will kill me? Eddy you need to calm down. Let’s talk this out.”
“It’s too late. I poisoned our drink. For better or worse, till death do us part.” He recited with a smirk.
Oh God.

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