In a Second



Faramade stopped dead in her tracks. That voice was heartrendingly familiar. It couldn’t be. She turned, her belly tightened and tumbled with the overwhelming rush of recognition.
Adeyemi strode towards her, long, rapid strides, closing the distance between them. Wearing a tan blazer with a chambray shirt, dark denim jeans, and sleek white sneakers, he looked even more handsome than she remembered.
“Deyemi!!! What a pleasant surprise!” She exclaimed, hiding the fact that she had longed and prayed for this day. It has been almost four years now but she still hasn’t been able to forget him.
“I can’t believe this! Is this really you?!” he said, right before enveloping her in a warm embrace.
Faramade couldn’t believe this was happening. She wanted to hug him tight, cry and tell him how she had always thought of him regularly and how she had hoped against hope that she runs into him someday and let him know how much she had always loved him. This was it. The day has finally come.
“You look good.” he commented, as he disentangled himself from the embrace.
“Thanks.” she smiled, thanking her stars that she had chosen to wear the outfit.
He held up her fingers as if inspecting them.
“What are you looking for?” She asked, amusedly.
“A wedding ring. I need to be sure how well I should behave.” he said in that characteristic tongue in cheek manner of his.
She laughed. This was one thing she also missed about him. His sense of humor. His ability to make her laugh and fall more deeply in love with him. They had met during their service year and had remained good friends throughout. While they lost contacts after he traveled out of the country for a six months internship with a well-known organization, she had continued to remain in love with him.
“Don’t worry, you have nothing to be perturbed about.” she said, hoping this meeting would foster the relationship she had longed for with him.
He laughed too.
“Anyway, what are you doing here?” he asked.
“Um, I came to check out a flat for rent here. I’ve been having some issues with where I live presently of late.”
“Oh, that’s nice. My fiancee actually lives around the corner. I’m just on my way to visit her.”
In a second, Faramade felt all her hopes, dreams and expectations about meeting Adeyemi again crumble into dust. Why hadn’t that cross her mind? Okay, maybe it did but she had been so presumptuous, thinking he probably felt the same about her but didn’t get the opportunity to profess his love and that he also must have been thinking about her all through the years, believing in the power of love that they’ll one day meet again and then be united forever.
“Yeah, I’ll be getting married in two month’s time.” he said, smiling.
“Wow,” The blow hit her hard. Reality has undoubtedly not lived up to expectations. “Congratulations.” she said carefully, making sure her voice does not betray her emotions.
“Thanks” he smiled again. “How are things now? It’s been a long while. I can’t even remember how I misplaced your number.”
They talked for a little while longer, exchanged contacts before he finally left, with the promise of getting in touch soonest.
As Faramade watched him go, she blinked back the tears that formed in her eyes, swallowed the bitterness and disappointment. She has always been unlucky in her relationships and in this case, there was no relationship to even start with. It wasn’t his fault that she was in love with him and has been unable to forget him. As she walked back to where her car was parked, a glimmer of hope emerged in her heart. He wasn’t married yet. Anything can still happen within two months.

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