Ages had gone by since I had last been in here. The curtains still had the gold trimmings she had refused to remove even after I had promised to get a new one. She had made a fuss about how the curtains were older than myself and my elder sister and that we had to treat it with respect. I touched it slowly, retracting my hands almost immediately as I felt the dust on it. It had been five years now but it all seemed like yesterday.

I turned around to continue my tour when I noticed the stack of pictures laying on the dressing table. There was one of me holding a basketball with a huge smile on my face, putting my missing tooth on a show. It had been taken on my first game ever at the stadium. The huge rip that had been at the side of my shorts was almost unnoticeable. I smiled as I remembered how teary my eyes had become when I discovered the tear few minutes to the game. I had made up my mind not to go in again, as I couldn’t play with those shorts. I recall the shock that had been bodly etched on my face as she handed me a perfectly amended shorts a minute later, with her hands sporting a needle and thread. I had thought she was like Kid Danger in the Nickelodeon series who had super fast reflexes.

Still smiling, I moved across the hall to our old bedroom. The wardrobe that had housed a lot of my secret treasures stood mightily, like an artifact found in museums. I looked in, remembering that I had hidden a girl in there when I was 19. My mother had come home earlier than usual that day and there had been no other place to hide. I recall basking in my intelligence later that day until my mom called me into her room and gave me the beating of a lifetime for bringing a girl and hiding her in the wardrobe. I was still clueless as to how she had found out.

There was a time when I had made arrangements to go out with my friends and hadn’t planned on informing her. I had just gotten off my phone, so sure that she was fast asleep in her room, when she called me. She hadn’t even let me say a word before she had asked when I had been planning on telling her about my little plans with my friends. I was dumbfounded. Did she also have super hearing ability?

She had been so perfect at everything. She was a multitasker as I never recalled her complaining about the stress of taking care of two kids alongside the high demand of her job as a doctor. And yes, she had been always right about everything, even though I had been too proud to admit it. I suddenly wished I could hold her in my arms once again. I missed the protection I had felt each time I was in her arms.

Tears dropped slowly down my face as I remembered what had brought me here. I had needed a reminder of that motherly presence. I was getting lost and making mistakes she would never have allowed if she were to be around. I tried to imagine the look she would have given me, while she tried to cook up solutions, if she were to find out what I had done. She always had a way out of everything.

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