Game Mistress

Game Mistress

The theme was danger.
I was decked in red, prepared to fish.

He could hardly go unnoticed from where I was seated. Draped in his signature white suit – handmade by the Crayonites, the big fashion plug he patronized for just whites – he looked so bored with the unnecessarily prolonged speech delivered by the Governor. His feet were lost beneath the table covered in a red satin. It was certain they would be clad in shiny leather shoes imported from Italy. The maker preferred to operate anonymously. His well arranged hair proclaimed the goodness of Avons and his powerful wrists sported an authentic gold watch. I did my assignment well.

He tweaked his shiny red tie and stood up to take his leave. That was my cue.

He jumped as the red liquid touched his beloveth suit. The look on his face was worth it.

I apologized profusely, making my knees almost reach the floor.

I offered to get the best laundromat service work on the suit, chipping in the fact that my dresses got stained frequently with the wines from my factory during tasting.

His frown melted a fraction.

The inside man had been right. He loved the mix of success and politeness in individuals. Most importantly, he loved owners of wine companies tasting the drinks themselves.

“If I didn’t already have a constant distributor on my pay roll, I would have signed a contract with you right now.” He said.

I decided to play ignorant.

“I’m Fanez, the CEO of Fanez hotels.”

“Oh my God! I’m speaking to the owner of Fanez hotels! Amazing!”

“I would have loved to do business with you. Partnering with determined and hardworking people such as yourself has always been a dream of mine.” I smiled sadly.

His smile widened.

The inside man had made me understand he loved flatters a lot. I really needed to increase his pay. He did a good job.

“You will be the next on my list should anything happen.”

I handed him my business card, while joking about how the Governor seemed to talk too much. A good relationship matters during networking.

Game on! It was time to go speak with my brother.


The weather was bright; same as the message he delivered. Crindes Wines had fallen for the bait without thinking twice about it; something I always warned my staff about – never ponder too much on the immediate gain. Flaunting a few more thousands had gotten them on their knees. The luncheon had been fixed to hold in a few days time. So was my imminent contract with Fanez hotels.

“So, what’s in it for me?” I had known my brother wasn’t just going to help without asking for something in return.

“My bus company in the east.” It was a family inheritance I didn’t need. This deal held more promises in the long run.


The new bubbling hotel had caught their attention as well as their greedy pockets. They wouldn’t be able to supply Fanez hotels that day as they couldn’t go beyond 20,000 cartons per day – the exact amount my brother’s soon to crash hotel had requested for. My informant had made me certain about that.

Fanez hated disappointments. I could have sworn he wasn’t going to contact them ever again. That was going to be the end of their contract.

I smiled to myself as I held the phone to my ear. Fanez had called for an immediate supply of 10,000 cartons of wine. Another thing I taught my staff – quantity should never be placed over quality. Fanez hotels had a promising future; same as my contract with him.

True, I had lost some money to the hotel I had my brother put up, when the plan was to shut it down a month after. But to win something, you have to lose something.

In the long run, your loses turn to gain.

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