I woke up to the sun staring down at me, as if trying to communicate. I could tell from the many colours that it seemed to brighten. The waters looked intensely blue, and the clouds so clear, that I could almost see my reflection in them. Even the white sands covering the earth like a fine sheet, looked sharper.

The Festo was empty; too empty to be real. My eyes found his watch; the one he never took off since the day I told him how much I liked it on him. We had been asleep for a long while. I yawned a little bit too loud to get him to wake up, but it only got drowned in the crashing of the waves. So much for an epic romantic wake up.

I got off the mat, and sauntered to the waters, allowing its beauty and mass to envelope me. I watched as they rose and crashed, as swift and smooth as a choreographed dance. They swayed and wiggled their see-through bodies seductively, drawing me into the synchrony of a dance that had no beat. I drank in the beauty of nature, allowing it take me into a journey, through the land of peace and soothe.

The sun was gradually going down, and it cast its warm glow onto the centre of the water, giving it a reddish look. It took me back to the day I met him. He was standing in the waters , with the energy of the retreating sun all around him. With a ceased breath, I had watched the magic created by brown skin and the colour red.

The soft waves lapped around my feet, and I felt them pulling me in, daring me to take a swim. As if awaiting the summons of the water, the birds commenced their singing, voices in perfect symphony, with lyrics I couldn’t pick out. The sea gulls suddenly joined the display of beauty, trying to catch their evening meals while they lounge, oblivious to what laid in wait.

The sun gradually disappeared, taking with it the reddish glow cast onto the waters. I walked into it, allowing my strong laps take me where my feet couldn’t. I marvelled at its refreshing feel, understanding why he had insisted we came back here. This place told the story of our beginning, with the little details we hadn’t noticed that day.

I almost jumped out of my skin as I felt a warm body touch mine. I looked up, meeting the eyes of whom I fall in love with every single day. I could see the darkening clouds in his eyes, as he drank me in. He touched my hair slowly, telling me how perfect I looked in the water, how the cool air toyed with my hair, gently exposing the nape of my neck, intoxicating him. He promised never to leave, just as the waters never exit its banks.

The darkness joined in as our bodies touched, bidding us Godspeed.

As I awake, I catch a faint glimpse of his shadow leaving our room, or rather, what used to be our room. He has been doing that lately, since I got together with that guy from the bar. I try to ask him so many times why he still comes back, but his silence are never enough answer.

It makes me wonder. Why the hell doesn’t he want to rest in peace?

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