The starless stars she seems to gaze upon stare back at her with the same emptiness they feel – they have nothing to offer. Her bare foot graces the tarred floor as she tries reaching the heavens from the pavement of her balcony all to no avail. She awaits it as mummy always tells her to believe in miracles. She’s waiting- she’s waiting- she’s waiting. It doesn’t seem to want to come but still, she waits. She waits as long as a mother hen awaiting the hatching of her eggs, still getting disappointed. Questions begin to arise deep within her – are miracles reserved for a particular set of people? Why am I not considered a part of those people? Did I expect too earnestly? Mummy told her that one’s miracles never eludes the person.  She never doubts what her mummy tells her but now, she begins to doubt her belief in miracles. I am that girl expecting things that never show up. I am that shattered soul still waiting for redemption. I would have loved to speak to mummy but miracles failed her too. She’s gone.

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