This was written by a friend who was too shy to show this beautiful piece to the world and I thought I would help him.

Looked evil in the eye for once
My knees fall to the ground at last
The sound and intensity of the drums I hear
From a distance I see the man in black

My heart skips a beat as am shaking in my boots
At a cross road on the highway to hell
Running down a slippery slope as my life flashes,
Before my eyes
I breathe in, breathe out, short of air it seems
As my lungs begin to collapse, a thought flashes into my head,
This is it!!!

I look up, it’s just me staring into the mirror
It’s pieces shattered on the floor
These broken mirrors all showing a different image
Seen fifty shades of myself already and my name is not even Grey
Am looking fray and weary just like my old man

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