Do I?

Do I?

The wall clock showed it was just some minutes past 7am. Mr Timothy Ibeh adjusted to a sitting position trying hard not to wake the lady by his side.
Before he could get up to attend to the knock on the door, he took a long glance at her. He wasn’t really sure what surprised him the most: the way she looked very cute when she slept or the fact that she still maintained her model like figure even after all these years.
His mind flashed back to when he first met her in his friend’s place almost 30 years ago when they were still students. He was in his final year then while she was just in her first year. Despite the fact that she was a fresher, she looked quite mature and -as he came to realize later on- had a very mature way of reasoning. He recalled his friends telling him she was out of his league and how the both of them started seeing each other some days after.
In his youth, Timi as he was known by, was quite handsome. He was always ambushed by photographers who wanted him to model for them back then. He could have been a model for one of the various agencies that offered him a job, but that life wasn’t for him. He had always wanted to live a quiet life and so when the opportunity to study abroad came, he took it instead. He also had his way with the ladies, earning him the title ‘sharp shooter’ from his friends.
‘Just point the girl, she go go down’ his friends always teased him. So when Adaora started reciprocating his romantic advances, he wasn’t really sure if he 

loved her or was just ‘hunting’. He wasn’t sure until he found himself cutting ties with his numerous females, joining a campus fellowship and keeping late nights at the school library as Adaora advised him. According to her, she wanted a man who was focused on his dream, was serious and devoted to his craft and to learn this, he had to show these traits in other aspects of his life at this early stage to make sure he could keep up even after school. He did all these without even feeling pressured into doing them. It was on the day he saw his certificate he was sure. All his life, nobody had impacted him and motivated him the way Ada did. She did these effortlessly. It was now he was completely sure he loved her and was willing to do anything for her.
You see, Ada was this kind of girl who spoke life into you while taking drags from her blunt. She could make you fall in love with Christ while very high. Yes, she did drugs. But still this didn’t deter her from her goals in life. And when they had sex it was heaven. She just knew where to touch, how to touch them and when to. She was the kind of lover who took time to understand the mechanics of her partner’s body. There was something about the way she undid her bra whilst telling him how much she wanted him in her and how much she wanted to caress his body that always gave him the chills. Her moans. The way she fixed her gaze on him while riding him to O town and how she got him stonned afterwards.

She became his mantra and he did not want her out of his head. She came from a wealthy family and usually helped him most times when he was stranded. He helped her too most times but she had done a lot for him. When his dad fell sick during his project, it was she who helped him with the remaining cash to finish up his project. He loved her; so much that he cried with her the night before he had to leave for service. During service they kept in touch and he would occasionally visit her. And boy, did he look up to those visits! Despite the distance, she remained loyal and whenever he called as he did every night she never failed to motivate him. When his father finally succumbed to the blows of death a week to his passing out as a youth corper, instead of running home to his mom he invited Ada to his service state and lodged her for a week before he finally travelled. A week he would never forget.

Now, Timothy was the only child of his mother who was the second of 2 wives. He really loved his mother as she had been through a lot for him when his father couldn’t. He had once swore an oath to do anything to make her happy.
His father was quite wealthy. He had properties scattered around town and even beyond. So it was no surprise when all hell broke loose during the reading of his late fathers will. Apparently, his late father’s first wife had bribed the family lawyer into twisting the will to her favour and the favour of her children. That disgusting old hag She never liked his mother. She was a very competitive person and was really feared by other women except his mother who was easily irritated by her attitude. When his father was alive, he usually spent most of his evenings settling dispute between them.
“Ifunanya you people would not kill me before my time in this house. Its marry I marry, I did not kill anyone”.
This went on and on until he died. Timi’s mother held strongly to the belief that it was the first wife, Obigheli, who killed her husband using African voodoo. Timi did not really believe in all this and waved it aside as bluff. “You would not believe me but you see juju, if they tie you in the coven at night, forget it. It would take the grace of God to deliver you”, his mother would usually tell him. “But don’t worry my child, you are protected”, she would chip in with a smile. “Ngwa eat your food before it gets cold, inugo nwa’m, there is nothing they can do to us. Obara Jesu gba’anyi okirikiri. It’s all around us. Now eat”. Before she waltzed away into the kitchen singing one of those Igbo gospel songs. Timi always laughed whenever she did this. So the reading of the will really hurt him as it broke his mother’s heart. His late father loved his mother the most because she was quite beautiful. He would usually call her pet names and before things changed, something his mother still blamed the first wife for, he usually got them gifts whenever he came back from work. He got them chocolates, suya, roasted chicken,barbecued fish, sharwarma etc. “Enjoy my darling, you know I love you”, he would say.
Chai nna’ anyi,‘you want them to call me fat at work?” Ifunanya would reply sheepishly. 

“Fat? Yes, get fat so that those men with hungry eyes for other men’s women would know there is a man somewhere spoiling you to the fullest”. They would both laugh after which Mazi Ibem would close with one of his infamous remarks: “oyom, I juru’ eju”, he would say in admiration.
Ifunanya therefore couldn’t believe her ears after hearing the will. She threw a tantrum at the hearing so Timmy had to take her outside.
“Timini m, they have rigged the reading, can’t you see they have rigged it? That daughter of Jezebel, nwa ekwensu ahu. She tampered with the documents she and that Polycarp good for nothing barrister that amadioha would strike dead. They changed everything”. She cried to Timi who was speechless.
“I can’t even hire a good lawyer, as I most of my money went into the health bill and funeral. Your father had properties but he had no cash and refused to liquidate his assets. I have no idea what Obiagheli did to the family account he opened for all of us, we couldn’t even pay for his health bills from there. Timini m, my husband was dying while that witch was busy enjoying our family funds and sending her useless children overseas”, she continued. “Timini, I used my money, my savings from years as a secondary school teacher to pay your father’s medical bill, my sweat and blood Timini. Timini, promise me, promise me you must marry a lawyer into this family because that’s the only way we can fight. You must marry the law into our home to fight this injustice”.
Timi felt something tighten in his stomach.
“But mummy we can save up and take the matter to court later on, is that not better?” He said in defense of whatever feeling was brooding up within him. He did not want to betray his love for Adaora.
Mechie gi onu ebahu. Save up? Save up from where? How long would that take? Or were you not listening when I said I have nothing?” His mother replied in anger.
“I am done with school and service now nne. I would soon get a job and gather enough money to get us a good lawyer”.
“Get a job soon? Have you forgotten that your uncle in abroad said that the only reason he can help you secure a job over there is if you do your master’s? Have you?”
“I know. But I could be doing something on the side while…”
Kita kam ma onwegi ihe di gi na’isi. You head is empty. She has started using juju on you too? Tufia” she spat on the floor, “oburu ogwu, oman’le. If it’s medicine, it won’t work. I reject that spirit in Jesus name.
” but mummy …”
“No but anything, do you want to wait for that useless woman to waste my husband’s money before you can do something about it. Now listen here, I carried you in this womb for nine good months”, she said shaking her tummy with both her hands, “and you must marry a lawyer whether you like it or not or else you would burry me before you even dream of bringing someone else into this family”, she said as she stood up and walked away.
Timi knew his mother’s resolve was absolute and knowing how stubborn she was, he couldn’t do anything about it. He felt guilty. Tears began to choke him as he thought about Ada who was studying accounting. He had made up his mind to marry her in her final year just after he returns from his masters in London but with this new development he felt awful. The guilt started eating him right there on his late father’s porch and there was nothing he could do about it.
Well, that was so many years ago. But sitting right now at the edge of the bed, he still couldn’t believe what happened many years back.
He remember he went to further his education in Warwick where he met a nice, homely lady from the Western part of Nigeria who was at the time studying criminal law. Mr Timothy knowing what he, or as circumstances had it, what his mother wanted, made it a hobby attending legal sitting which made him spend his time mostly in court rooms. He made a couple lawyer friends and that was how he met Abimbola. His friend Baldwin introduced her to him one night at the pub. She was very easy going and as he learnt later on, was going to defend her first case the next day. Timothy made sure he attended the sitting and he was blown off his feet. The way she presented her case, the way she analysed the evidence and made logical deductions that even earned her the judges admiration. Something about her sort of reminded him of his Adaora at home. Oh, Ada. The love of his life, whose skin shone like amber…he had to shake her off his mind again like he had been trying to do ever since he ended things with her in Nigeria. He remembered that night. How he couldn’t come up with words and how he stormed off right after he said those dreadful words so she wouldn’t see him cry. Memories of her still haunted him, even now in the courtroom.
Few years later, Bimbo took the case of his father’s will to court and won the case without charging him a penny because she was moved by the injustice metted on him and his mother by the senior wife and because she loved him, six months later, they got married. His mother was overjoyed. He remembered her beaming with smiles during the wedding and boasting about her lawyer daughter in-law to her friends.
“My son has married the law, the law is in my family now. Now we would crush them with government backing” she would say.
It had been almost sixteen years, they returned to Nigeria and his union with Bimbo had been blessed with four lovely kids, three boys and a girl. Everything was going smoothly until he bumped into Adaora few years later at a shopping mall in Enugu. He froze. He could bet he had had a stroke. When he finally spoke it was as if God said in His eternal voice: “let there be light”. Adaora was shocked as well. She stared at him, mouth agape for few seconds. Not until a child at her side called her attention “mommy, mommy what is wrong?” Was she brought back to the present and Timothy realized she was no longer the Adaora he knew back then. She was now a mother of two or three because she was heavy with pregnancy. They shared pleasantries and agreed to meet another time.
When they finally got to sit and talk, he realized she was now married to a marine engineer who hardly had time for her as he was mostly not in the country. Her husband was always on one ocean or one sea somewhere in the world on contract for any big oil company. She said they decided to reside in Enugu because it was peaceful and she got a good job at a the government house under the finance commission. They talked a great deal and caught up with the present. They kept on going on dates but with every date they went on, Timi felt an old flame within him rekindle until he really didn’t care about his family anymore. He was heading towards early retirement and he had moved back to Nigeria full time. The dates kept happening for months even after Adaora put to bed. They didn’t see for quite sometime, periods which he swore were his saddest and longest. After sometime, things were back to normal and Adaora’s husband was out of the country again and they were back on their dates. One late evening after all the wine, he had driven her home, but before she said goodnight she leaned forward and kissed him. In seconds, that little flame that was rekindled turned into a furnace and it was burning him inside with hot desire. The next time they saw was in a hotel downtown. They had both lied to their partners. He had told his wife he was going down to the village while she told her husband she was going for a convention in Abuja. Immediately she walked into the room he had booked for the week and locked the door behind her, she walked straight to him and threw her arms around his neck. She had made her hair into a ponytail and Timothy could see she still looked as beautiful as she did back in university. She was dressed in a short gown made of silk which hugged tight to her skin revealing her figure. She still had that shape like she had not even given birth at all. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to himself.
“You look beautiful tonight Ada” he said
“And you look hungry Timi” she replied
“Hungry?” He asked laughing
“Yes, I know you are. Your eyes betray you” she said teasingly.
“Now don’t say another word. Just kiss me already” she told him.
He went in for it. He kissed those soft lips. And God! he knew he missed them. He felt her buttocks through her silky gown and pressed them against him, further closing the distance between both of them. He placed kisses on the nape of her neck. Gentle kisses that made her climb against him. She paused, undoing the buttons of his shirt. He tried reciprocating by undoing the zip on her back but she gently slapped his hands off. He was surprised. Seeing this, she asked him “didn’t your mother ever teach you to never rush your fhands  Now he understood the game well and he knew better than interrupting the art that was going on.
“Now, this meal is quite hot and still steaming from the fire. Be gentle”. She added while making him sit on the edge of the bed. By now he was naked except for his briefs which she gently removed before she proceeded to kneel in front of him just between his legs. As soon as she lowered her head, Timothy felt bolts of electricity run along his spine with so much ferocity his toes curled. Yes, she still had it. She had not lost that touch all these years. He hit O-town in seconds. She raised her head as she gently kissed him from his navel to his lips after which she leaned back and licked her lips fixing her eyes on his. She then stood up, stepped back still looking at him and undid her gown and to his surprise, she was standing in front of him stark naked in all her youthful glory. He smiled.
“Now your food is ready”, she said smiling back. He walked towards her and made her sit on the table. He kissed her, licked her neck while she held his head and let out soft moans. He went for her hard nipples and gave each one adequate attention. He noticed her left nipple was still as sensitive as ever, change wasn’t constant after all, he smiled to himself as he focused more attention on it watching her arch her back in pleasure. He knew he had to return the favour from few minutes ago. He put his hand between her legs. She was steaming hot down there already so he slid his hands

in and kissed her hard. Her back arched again as she held him tighter against her and her toes curled in ecstasy. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she now felt her body quiver all over with excitement. She swore this was far better than the toys in her wardrobe. She pushed him on to the bed and whispered into his ears how much she wanted him. “I missed you” she said as she got on top of him. The next forty five minutes Timothy would never forget in his life. Even in his early fifties and she in her mid forties, he never believed the things they did in room 406 of that hotel that night. Every thrust and every moan and the way she looked at him even when they both came in the end. “I missed you”, he said.

They talked afterwards admist getting high. He missed this trip. It was then she asked him why he left her years ago. He explained everything to her and she quite understood the entire story. She told him it was fine that she understood now why he did it. Then she made the big reveal.
“You remember the night of the breakup when I called your phone afterwards”
“Yes I didn’t pick up because I couldn’t talk to you in my state then”,
” I understand”, she said smiling. “I have a confession to make”, she added.
” Confession?” He asked puzzled.
“Yes, I don’t know how you would take it but please don’t be angry. Promise me”
Timothy laughed. “What kind of confession?”
“Promise me first Timothy”.
“Ok, I promise”, he replied. “I was pregnant Timmmy”, she said looking very gentle and sad.
There was heavy silence in the room. So heavy that it took Timothy’s sigh to lift it.
” Pregnant, how?” He asked.
“After we spent time before you traveled for your fathers funeral. I missed my period and got a test strip which confirmed it”, she said still avoiding his gaze.
“So why didn’t you say something then, why now?”
“You were travelling out Timi, the pregnancy would have held you back and distracted you even if you decided to travel. I wanted to tell you but then we lost contact. Believe me, I tried to reach you but I couldn’t”.
“I would have stayed back Ada, I won’t have made some decisions I made…”
“Exactly my fears. This is why I didn’t want to tell you”, she cut it.
He was quiet.
“I didn’t want an abortion either”, she continued.
“Something in me wanted to keep the baby at least to remind me of you”.
Timothy sighed again.
“So where is the baby now?” Timothy asked.
“He is my first child Chike, I see you didn’t notice”
“I knew I noticed he looked somewhat like me back at the mall that day but I felt maybe he got it from your husband since I really don’t know what he looks like. But how did your get your husband to go with it?”
“Well, after I had Chike I really wanted to be alone until my husband came along. He really wanted me to marry him and said he did not mind Chike, that he would take him as his child too”.
” hmm”, Timothy breathed.
“So when do we get to see?”

“I would try to arrange something soon, he had always wanted to know his father”, she said.
“That would be after here, but I am trying hard not to get mad”.
“I understand”, Ada replied avoiding his eyes once again.
He leaned forward and kissed her forehead.
“Don’t worry, it’s fine. I bet we can make things work”, he said smiling at her.
She noded shyly, and hugged him tight.
“I love you Timi”,
“I love you too Ada”, he replied giving her a peck and smiling.
They had sex again that night before they slept off in each others arms.

That was yesterday. It was morning now and the wall clock showed it was just some minutes past 7am. Mr Timothy Ibeh adjusted to a sitting position trying hard not to wake the lady by his side.
Before he could get up to attend to the knock on the door, he took a long glance at her. He wasn’t really sure what surprised him the most: the way she looked very cute when she slept or the fact that she still maintained her model like figure even after all these years. He was really hungry and had phoned the reception for breakfast and he was sure the knock on the door was a staff with the food. He walked over to the door.
“Who is there?” He asked to be sure.
“Room service, you telephoned for breakfast?” The masculine voice replied from the other end of the door.
“Ah! Yes, he replied opening the door.
As he opened the door, to collect his order of toasted bread, omelette and tea he could see someone approach them from the stairs.

There was something familiar about the person’s gait. He tried to make out who it was, but it was already late.
“So this is the village you traveled to, eh Timothy?”
The feminine voice questioned.

Story by: Osagie Tobechukwu.

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