In September 2019, I remember that I competed with 9 other speakers who were known to be the best of speakers in the University of Ibadan during Armory of Words—an annual public speaking competition organized by Sultan Bello Hall Literary and Debating Society. I was really overwhelmed by the competition and I really wanted to win. A theme was given and we were to coin a topic around that theme.

Esteemed readers, in all honesty, while preparing for that speech, I dreamt about a very intelligent point I could use to defend my side, but unfortunately, I did not pen that point down because I felt I could easily remember it. Up till today, I still cannot remember that particular point I had dreamt about.😂

Look, writing and speaking are two easy things to do, provided you have a good content to sell. But, developing the content is what makes it taxing. That is why you take your time to research, identify your points and begin to develop them in order to make absolute sense. However, for you to stand out and be different, you need to document your ideas and thoughts as they come naturally and rush in because, once those ideas evaporate like steam, there is a high probability that you might not recall those ideas and thoughts, as they came, since you failed to document them.

We are in an era where you necessarily do not need to carry pen and paper with you everywhere you go, as digitalisation has made it easier to document your thoughts, ideas and feelings. The failure to do so will amount to you getting distracted by several other activities, forgetting what you promised yourself to remember. The truth is, many of these ideas come spontaneously, when you’re not particular about thinking of the topic. It could be while walking down the street or even when you are in the bathroom. The reason for that is because, you have filled your mind with that topic and you have constantly reminded your brain that, ‘look, all I’m thinking of at the moment is this’. So, whether you’re conscious about the topic or not, the brain easily attaches whatever you see to that topic and you will always want to bring out something from that experience.

Therefore, if you have always had problems remembering some points you had wanted to use in an article or in any discussion(s), it’s majorly because you gave it the opportunity to escape out of the cage of your mind.

But assuming you had not allowed such by reinforcing it with adequate documentation, something better would have come out of those fine points. Therefore, if you do not want to run out of points or be found wanting, do the following:

1. Open a word document on your phone and always jot whenever there’s something to write, since mobile phones are really handy and portable.

2. Avoid procrastination and document the thoughts, ideas as they come. In addition, having one word to symbolize the idea would make remembering it really easy.

3. Never be proud to ask questions from people and seek opinions. When you do, try to highlight important things discussed and document them.

4. Whenever an idea drops in a place where you may not access any writing tool — a bathroom, for example, just keep using the idea to sing till you’re done. As soon as you settle down in your room, find a pen and write the idea down.

Finally, keeping and documenting your thoughts helps you to live an organized life as you can easily trace back your thoughts and access the material for future purposes. This article is not meant for writers alone, neither is it for speakers alone. It is practically for everybody to see, read, assimilate and put every advice there in to use.

Thank you for reading and yes, for that competition, 😁 I emerged winner.
See you next week. Bye!

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What do you think?

  1. You really have spoken well and like a friend said, almost everyone is a victim of this. The use of recorders too isn’t a bad idea😀 as much as you have your thoughts documented, they’ll be easily retrieved unlike those never documented.

    Thanks for reading through and best regards

  2. A beautifully written piece. Thanks for writing. I’ve been victim at many instances. Sometimes, one is just too lazy to write. It sucks!

    I’ll suggest the use of voice recorder too, one could just record those words immediately they come, to reduce the effort of writing. When one is fully ready to write, it will be easier to develop upon it.

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