By AYENI Otito-Jesu J.

As an individual who wants the best for himself or herself, certain core principles are essential and never subject to bargain to achieve our desirous life. These principles are aspects of living, what I like to call D.U.S.T.

To speak of dust, not just the soil or earth’s crust is what is being referred to but of some virtues that are necessary to live a better life. Truly, we all are made of dust and we live on planet (earth) not just to exist but to achieve a purpose. Now, knowing that we live as a molded being, having to breathe as humans, we have to fulfill the following to ensure that we acquire the best we wish to and attain the best we want.

Discipline is a trait which requires that you train yourself to accept some things and deny of some things. It is with discipline that you control your behavioural attempts and attitudinal challenge. With indiscipline, you tend to fall for things that can implicate your decisions to act wrongly. Hence, the acceptance of worthlessness and inappositeness but with discipline, you determine the things to accept with the aim of achieving self-driven purpose.

2. U-Unity:
With unity, you achieve more. With unity, you see the unseen by associating with other people. With unity, you fulfill purpose. Unity gives a sense of togetherness and devotedness but then, without the inculcation of self-discipline, the purpose of unity cannot be achieved. Without self-discipline, it would be difficult to unite with other minds. You are not created to live secluded but to associate with similar minds to achieve set goals. So, if you fail to unite with people, there are tendencies of failing and waning. For with unity, everyone achieves (more) together.

3. S-Satisfaction:
In life, several things are instituted of which several individuals take possession of. So, if you are the type that loves to admire and acquire everything that other people have, then, you are living a life of deceit because, definitely, it is quite impossible to acquire the whole lot another individual possesses. Dissatisfaction is a problem and it takes some level of discipline to caution yourself of envy and covet. But once you are content and satisfied with what you have, you realize that you can achieve a lot by uniting with others to achieve your goal.

4. T-Trust:
Without trust, the bond of dependence will rust. Without trust, you will find it a difficult thing to associate with others. Without trust, you will have no peace of mind working with people. It is with trust that you can show some level of conviction in another person. It is with trust that you can have a free mind to work with people without iota of doubt. And trust is a virtue that when lost, will be difficult to regain that image.

Finally, without the 4 letter word D.U.S.T, it might be difficult to sustain a good relationship with yourself and with others. For with discipline, you offer yourself, a good opportunity to earn countless respect and great value. And with unity, you work with others to achieve a feat and fulfill a purpose while satisfaction is the blockage against envy and jealousy. And trust is a brother to dependence and confidence.

So, if you do not trust, you might have a problem of reliance and if you are not trustworthy, then, you are unworthy to work with. Therefore, to make an individual of progress and success, you must have the qualities that are necessary to be fulfilled. D.U.S.T

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