“No end to technology!”, COVID affirms

"No end to technology!", COVID affirms

Life is a battle and every of its encounter is a struggle–no matter what it is. In my sojourn on this planet, having a bitter experience as this is the first of its kind. It started on a good note of wishing friends and family a happy new year, not knowing the year was going to make us unhappy. Of a truth, the world has suffered a lot just like it has offered so much–from SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), to influenza, to Ebola, to Lassa fever and now, Covid-19. The narrative is one where prominent leaders could not save themselves, millions breathe their last at first contact, morgues reached the brim and mass burials becoming the trend. We keep scores, recording daily increase in number of cases; we mask up feeling anyone of us can display symptoms without prior awareness. All these put us in a quandary of whose predicament we can be a victim of.

On the contrary, despite the struggles life is filled with, it is still an adventure where a new day brings new opportunities to explore and become better. The flare-up of Covid-19 birthed inventions, new ideas and transformed old ways of the human life. Technology doesn’t just seem to be, it is now the trend and virtually all of our events and jobs are expected to be done online–wahala for person wey no fit use computer. Now, businesses have collapsed, revenues have relapsed and employees have been relieved of their jobs. So, while tech was initially seen as a thing for programmers then, it has now become a tool for utmost relevance in every profession/industry–education, fashion, entertainment, governance, just name it.

Taking a look at countries like Germany and China, the role of technology in stemming the tide of Covid-19 cannot be disregarded–from developing smartphones with virus detecting applications, to robots checking temperature of passengers at airports and so on. That is the extent at which artificial intelligence becomes germane in our society, today. In the same way, with platforms like Zoom, Google meet, Cisco, etc., meetings are made easier, cost, time and additional logistics are saved because technology has made it easier for someone in Nigeria to connect with somebody in Brazil (without physical contact). Hence, with what has happened to the world, every organization, institution has learnt that digital is the way and to stand the test of time, you must learn to keep up with the trend.

In the end, if there is anything Covid has exposed us to, it is about how we can marry technology with whatever we do. And like the common Yoruba proverb which says that “Ti a ba n sunkun, a maa n riran ni”, meaning, when we are mourning, we see visions, we must be able to see solutions where others see problems so as to transform ourselves, be of relevance and eventually attain the hallmark of excellence.

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