Scarlett E1


Alice sat by the sea shore,her heart torn apart, she wore dark sunshades so that no one asked her why she cried.

they only ask to judge she thought

Day by day Alice fought to smile and keep her head above the waters. Life and God has decided to make her suffer, she knew God cared but he was silent. Her mom had left her when she was only three months old. Bernice, her mother had left Alice and her dad and didn’t even look back for her little daughter. Bernice betrayed the both of them, it came to the light that she had another family with four kids, Alice’s dad Jacob was devastated. He was so confused. That day he came back from work only to find the door opened and his three months old daughter crying on the bed, he lifted her and shushed her to stop crying her called out for his wife ” Bernice, Bernice, how could you leave Alice alone to cry” he kept calling and calling, searching every part of the house, he called her on the phone but the number was switched off, he became worried, he knew nothing about taking care of a baby and Alice wouldn’t stop crying, it was almost like the baby knew that her mom had ran off.

Days passed unto weeks and weeks to months and Jacob took care of his child grieving over his wife. Each morning, he bathed Alice and styles her hair while watching the jolly elderly woman who did a tutorial on YouTube. He fed her processed milk and took his bath before he left for work. He strapped her on the passenger’s sit with the seatbelt. He drove to work with his left hand while holding on to  her with his right hand, she was an active baby. She had forgotten all about Bernie but her dearest father was striving to keep it together. Business was failing and handling all of it alone was becoming overwhelming. He took Alice and travelled to Niger state where his sister lived with her family. He was to meet with Bernice and try to convince her, he thought that if she saw her daughter again she would come back home but that wasn’t the case was it?

Jacob arrived and his two sisters were more than pleased to take care of Alice. Bernice arrived the next two days, her expression held no feelings when she held her daughter. Alice’s aunt, Adanna placed Alice in her mother’s arm but Bernice thrust the little baby back into Adanna’s arm and Alice almost fell to the ground. Jacob was in tears and he sat at corner, he didn’t say a word, he could not handle the pain. A danna gave the baby to her sister Collete and began raising her voice to Bernice who was proving indifferent ” she is your daughter Uchechi” she said as tears flowed from her eyes too  ” how could you leave the little girl alone, she need a mother, she was barely three months Uchechi, what did that innocent child do to you Uchechi. You didn’t breastfeed your own child!”

“Mba mba aunty, i only came here because i respect you. I never planned or wanted Urenna, i had a family to go back to and your family kept asking for a child so i gave you now why is it my responsibility” she said, her face ripped of any emotions. Jacob walked out of the house, he didn’t want to react, he still loved this woman and wasn’t ready for an argument, it’s true he always pressed for a child but it didn’t give her the right to lie about her status. She was a married woman with four kids, Jacob felt filthy.

Adanna couldn’t believe her ears, her tears flowed uncontrollably now, she was heartbroken. How could a mother speak such. ” uchechi she is your daughter oh” Adanna said exhausted ” ehen, i gave birth to her, i didn’t want her so you people should take care of her now” she said and hissed loudly before walking out she turned and fumbled her bag she bought out Alice’s birth certificate and threw it on the table ” see her certificate, don’t call me again please, leave me and my family in peace, she’s not my child, biko!” She said and walked out, she sneered at Jacob who was standing by the door before she walked out of the compound. 

Adanna thumped into a chair holding the birth certificate in her hands and cried, Ure didn’t deserve this, she was a perfect child.

  • Someone tapped Alice and she waded back to reality, she wiped her tears quickly but it seemed like the elderly man had been observing her for sometime. She always saw him at the beach, he usually came for a walk with his grandson. ” why do you always cry omo?” He asked with love in his eyes, Alice hadn’t seen that for so many years, it warmed her heart but she immediately pushed it aside, she never let anyone get close, she was a mass of thick wall it would take God to break through ” it’s nothing” she replied standing up and dusting her sundress realizing it was getting dark “odabo sir” she said feigning a smile and walking away. The old man held her back ” if something is bothering you, speak out so the burden reduces” she stared blankly at the man. She wanted to tell him that she had tried that before but people only used it to judge or make fun of her, her life was her concern and nobody would ever see through her again. ” with due respect sir, mind your business” she said and walked away but she knew that the old man was only trying to care, she wanted care but she hated when people cared because they’d always hurt her. She was going home to meet the only man who she cared about, her dearest father hated her so much and she loved him to a fault. She resembled Bernice so much and maybe that was why, but still she won’t leave him.


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