Abandoned child,swerving in lost misery

Build your walls and rip the shame

Callous men have ripped your pride

Devouring every sense of purpose

Endangering every inch of your being

Fix your zeal and your aching heart

Gracefully raise your head, your purpose made a new song

Have you looked to the light at the end?

Instead you flee to the dark 

Just like an uncontrolled kite propelled by the window

Kindled and moved in no direction

“Let it take me” you say. A voice of hopelessness it is

Many have abandoned you

Not one your strength or knight in shiny armor

Over the stars your dreams vanished

Pressure and more pressure from your demons

Queens fight for a sit at the table

Rise above the ashes like a wounded lion

Scathed pride and broken trust, your past

Tremendous will to overpower the tongues that mock

Unveil the unseen fierceness

Victory is slow and steady. Keep in mind

Winning comes after battles and bruises

Xenas! The bitter tongues will proclaim

Yes, you became the scathed Xenas

Zealous for the future, your dreams return from the fleeting stars.

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