A Man does not only become blind

by being blind.

A Man’s Sight can be wide open

to see the creation of Mother Nature

and be blind yet to explore.

A Man can take actions based on what he sees

yet be blind to the realities which exist.

A Man can go any length to tell the tales of his life’s goals and dreams

yet be blind to the challenges it brings.

A Man may thirst for Power

and when given naturally

becomes blindly bonded to it.

A Man who falls in love

experiences his lover more at the price of becoming blind

to other beings around him.

A Man may chase Muscle building

thinking it is what men do

by doing this he becomes blind to the fact

that Man is a product of his functionality not his physicality.

A Man who fails to reminisce over this piece

becomes blind to the great deal of meal it beholds.

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