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Do you know the saying “Boys will be boys” and “Girls will be girls”? Well, am sure we’ve had an experience or two. Have you ever asked yourself, what differentiates a guy or girl from another guy or girl? What makes you think that the violent, cheating and lying tendencies aren’t the same in all men and women? Or maybe it’s the same and some had the opportunity to control them. What makes you different from the others? Some of you may say the same goes for women and I agree with that. Can’t we be truthful to ourselves? What if everything was true, would life be boring? 

This is a little snippet of what I wrote a long time ago (Not a true story)

A day before the exam…

      “I swear, next semester, Am going to start to start reading after each lecturer’s class”

     “That’s what you say every year, keep it up,” Gina said chuckling

   “Stop being such a smartass, but seriously what we have to read is so bulky, I could die right now,” I said with a huff

     “It’s your finals, deal with it or you could just drop out” Gina scolded

“And start again? No way! ”

Gina was nice but blunt and honestly, I preferred it that way. At first, when we became roommates, I thought she was stuck up but she was just being herself. Gina is beautiful like she is full of beauty and to top it off; she’s got light brown eyes. Guys are gobsmacked when they see her, but she is blind to it all.

We were currently in our room reading for our exam that’s starting tomorrow and honestly, I was tired and I wish I had the power to squeeze the book inside my head. Our third roommate, Yvette, went to the library to join her study group.  It’s not that I didn’t know what I was reading; it’s just that I have been distracted lately. And before you say it’s a boy problem, I consider it not. Well, it’s partially one.

 “So what about Collins? ” Gina asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

 “It’s Lincoln, not Collins, you always get his name wrong”

“It’s a good thing that I get his name wrong than to get my fist in his face,” she said while snapping her knuckles.

“Well he just took my thesis, nothing much and I can write another one, no biggy”

“And used you! Why do you like to sugarcoat things? I mean, what kind of boyfriend dates you because he needs an academic reformation? You know, when you told me he asked you out, I found it hard to believe”

“Why? “

“Well for one, Collins is a jerk and he prances around with his ego in his hand like someone who just won the lottery and with all the girls he dated, there was always a catch, how could it be any different with you? I mean you are the most wonderful person I know but you and Collins weren’t just an ideal fit but you were so in love with him that you couldn’t see the truth”


“You know what let’s forget everything and just focus on our studies, Lincoln can go to hell for all I care”

“Yeah let’s do that and am sorry for bringing it up”

“No, it’s okay, I will take it as a wakeup call” (END)

So, what’s your take, are there still good out there, and maybe we just can’t see them or it’s just bad pretending to be good?



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