The year I once dreaded the most was 2012. Religious bodies, especially the Christian faith with some well articulated prophesies, declared it the year of rapture. This is not in mockery of any religion. For a fact, I was probably more scared than you reading this. Who would want to see an end to a life that he just started. No wife, no child, no employment and mostly, I had not lost my virginity. That was a painful and very uneasy year for me. Gradually, the almighty year faded and phew! It was 2013 and counting.


Oftentimes, inevitable experiences occur without notice or sometimes with just enough notice, nevertheless, how we decide to weather the storm must be carefully noted.


It is also worthy to take a drift from the normal; you can call it abnormal, irregular, or distinct – just love and expect changes.


 Between year 2010 and 2018, there was a recurring and mostly promising mention of the favoured year 2020. Year 2020 was a much anticipated year which enjoyed extremely massive publicity, heightened expectations, deadline for world changing projects and maybe a global revolution- all scheduled for a 365days frame contained in a year.


A global revolution truly occurred. 


I can be accurate to say, the dreaded 2012 was swiftly replaced by 2020. Same speculations, bigger dreams and ambitions, for individuals in the corporate and traditional business world, nations and what have you. The year was already heavy even before it came.


Finally, we landed a glimpse of 2020. So bright and calm but on a mission. If people had a heads-up before the whole change in this year’s events, it could have relieved the bitterness it brought.


2020 played a flirty and dirty game. It played us all. A huge shock! No relationship or economic expert foresaw this.


Besides the Corona Virus outbreak which crippled major world’s strongest economies, rumours parading the social media claimed that 5G networks were being tested and killing people with radioactive waves – what a confusion. A recent Nigeria phrase would say – ”Wahala for who no know the truth”.


What do we believe, who do we believe remained a question until how do we survive outshined all other concerns.


If you lived in Nigeria between March and October 2020, you deserve a survival medal. Those periods were the most disheartening and highly unscripted times for an average Nigerian.


Coping with the Virus, hunger was a much more alarming threat. After successfully surviving the heat of the Lockdown, people were left to tackle police brutality which led to a near ‘civil unrest’ – a peaceful protest turned bloody. No one, absolutely no one is yet held accountable. 


With all these stress and pandemonium, Nigerian youths learnt new words ‘ hoodlums, palliatives, looting, brutality, and many others’. Funny but we had to carve our survival paths.


Imagine acting a movie and you’re expected to be spontaneous, that is exactly what 2020 told us. If it had a voice, it would say – ‘I didn’t come with a script, no guide at all, just act and make sure you survive’.


Yes, there were hurdles, uncommon challenges, periods of giving up, and unforgettable moments, but common, you made it. That is more than a goal not achieved.


You’re the STAR ACTOR.

Remember, ‘actor not dey die for film’


Regardless of it all, HURRAY! December is almost here. A time to take a detour, recover, re-strategise, re-plan and launch out. The year is not over there’s a room to achieve whatever is left on your list,  if not, kick start a fresh plan.


Do not over beat yourself for the uncontrollable losses and the extra luggages of 2020. Get a new luggage, carefully pack up and get ready to leave this year behind.


As I write, I am already in my next year, hope to see you there soon

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