It is true that education is the key. But in my opinion, I believe it’s either the lock has been changed, or we are simply holding a wrong key. On whatever side you find yourself, get ready to either renew the entire lock that comes with a new key or neglect the old key.

Getting a degree or two has been a crave for decades and counting. Parents and guardians alike reinforce on the need to get a proper education – especially in Nigeria. But is education in Nigeria proven to be a worthy and lasting solution to enjoying a good life? Do not answer this yet?
You might want to ask me ‘what form of education’ I am referring to.

As a child, I have always imagined me in an elegant hallway, holding a chic briefcase, smartly cut hair, wearing a well fitted designer suit, and striding in confidence with perfected calculated steps.
Sounds amazing right? – I know.
My dream to be an accountant was greatly influenced by my father.

Regardless of all my endless childhoods daydreams, I had a flair for the performing arts – the circus. But the thought of looking good and future perfect was a distraction I choose.

That was me some two decades ago. Someone reading this is still in that phase. Today, I am neither an accountant nor in the theatre. Life happens you know.
This is is due to the overly prized view of formal education – “only the educated enjoy a certain life style”.
Few years after high school, securing a university admission was more of a hunt. The jungle is harsh, brilliance was almost not a criteria – few persons can easily relate.
Nevertheless, in my short years of interaction on the earth’s surface, I have seen persons without degrees whatsoever, doing very meaningful and crime-free engagements, cashing out without stress but someone with a Bachelors, Masters and maybe going on PhD is working way below their capacities.
Did you just ask ‘why’
I am as shocked as you are.
Basically, i could agree that formal education is overrated. This idea is a bit tasky for me to pitch.
But in a nutshell, what I am trying to say is do not be limited to only formal education. If you find yourself adequately succeeding in and using formal education, fine and good but if otherwise, create a new happy path and stake your life for it.
Writing this was triggered by the resurfacing need for youths to be actively engaged outside the four walls of a higher institution.
We all can’t be bankers, doctors or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professionals, NO!
The world has fast revolved. Do not get left behind.
There is an endless supply of soft skills available to the least of illiterate persons. E.g photography, SEO and digital marketing skills – the list is endless. Good news is, these shift-in professions requires no degree whatsoever.
YES! you do not need to have a university degree to obtain kick-start a career in the aforementioned areas.

A digital Marketer for instance, is of extreme essence to almost any organisation, or do you want to talk about a photographer whose service is almost indispensable. You name it. It is agreed – if you can dream it, you can achieve it.
Remember, I haven’t said a proper education is invalid but on the counter side, it is a necessity. But my stake is, if you can’t get a degree, option for other amazing life rewarding professions. The digital space can never be over crowded. Go DIGITAL

Needless to mention, you can end up in an actual professional setting with out a degree. This will be in my next article.

In my honest conclusion, poverty in Nigeria is a predominant factor accompanied by poorly structured education systems. Regardless, these are not excuses to not receiving any form of education. Reframe from such.

Aim for self improvement, obtain a training as a young person. Maintain positive disposition towards other forms of education. Yes! I said other forms of education.

Most importantly, do not just be educated. Be intelligent, smart, and dogged. Life is cast with thorns. Only a prepared sole can walk through fearlessly.

The future is not set for only university graduates. You have a huge share to enjoy. Do not let someone else eat your chunk. There are no rooms for regret.

Let me act what I preach. Upon my graduation from college, I plan to take a mini introductory course in the Arts. I want to live my dream but for a limited time, in a circus. So funny right. Do not judge me. I had wished to perform in a circus, full of colours, happiness, jumping ropes, dancing to endless rhythms and enjoying the magic in life.

Till then, I remain Joseph Pere.

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