mistakes my parents made


there were many, little foxes.

Those mistakes my parents made.

They fell twice as constant, stumbled over and again. I would watch them at a distance. My feet crept to their door, my ears magneted against the wall.

Aye they never told me some, why would they? African parents. But I watched, and I learnt.

I learnt to look out for potholes while walking, and stones- clumsy me! Nothing on Earth  could stop me from falling.

I followed their patterns in the dark, to retrace my steps. Holding railings, and whatever unfortunate thing that was in my way.

Every night I learnt, there were many of those foxes- they are only humans aren’t they?

I fell twice less as constant. i walked, a corner of my eyes to the ground, avoiding potholes and those dreadful stones. And in the dark, I turned on the lights!

Those were their mistakes, it wasn’t mine. Because it was their mistakes, I made sure it wasn’t mine.

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