Impact Of Covid 19 On African InformationTechnology

            Coronavirus disease 2019[Covid 19] caused by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS] which was first identified amid and outbreak of respiratory illness cases in Wuhan city, China, turns out to be the deadliest pandemic in the modern era. 

       As at June 2020, the task of pandemic prevention and control became more arduous and the world is facing enormous challenges. Communication companies had to spend a lot of money on specialized software to disseminate news story to the citizens. They had to release online news stories under tedious conditions. For example, sports journalist in Liberia struggled to manage with their respective families under a strenuous economy, as many lack computers and electricity at home. The Covid 19 pandemic outbreak in Liberia had damaging effects to the sporting press and its members, as there was complete cease in sports writing activities across the country.

           In Nigeria, the Punch newspaper outlet reduced the pages of its newspaper due to the rapid drop of readership during the lockdown. The drop in revenue as a result of reduced sales and advertisements was so bad that staffs even had to choose between a salary slash or an employment termination. Notable media houses furloughed staffs. Media houses in Europe experienced a similar fall in newspaper sales and advertisement revenue according to a survey.

       The financial  jeopardy of newsrooms should be met with global financial intervention to journalism and the media. The country’s central bank should commit an amount of money to the information industry. There should be formulations to ensure press freedom in African countries, and encouraging a cordial relationship between journalists and security officials. Journalist should also be granted quick access to information at all times- no matter the situation!



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