A Brief Account of COVID-19 in Nigeria

A Brief Account of COVID-19 in Nigeria


from Punocracy


  1. this best country in Africa, the COVID-19 pandemic reassures the efficacy of the government. It reconciled, still reconciles the people, to the government. Since the financial institutions of the country, I mean the citizens of this country: since the people of this country have been discovered to be susceptible to the virus, it has been declared present without permission, PWOP. This country made money from the fact that coronavirus is PWOP.
  2. If it pleases you to know, the Nigerian people obeyed all safety rules religiously. The curfew imposed kept them indoors, & they were not even a bit pressured to violate the rules. The intolerable starvation & poverty was an experiment to try Nigerians’ hunger limit. 
  3. Nigerians barely flouted the rules. They didn’t even telephone or greet themselves in respect of social distancing rules. People in the markets & banks were not crammed together like cars in traffic, or like a herd of cow in a field. People in banks & markets at the period were like solitary animals; like bears who infrequently make contacts with their fellow species. This way, the people were safe & the spread was mitigated.
  4. Nigerians enjoyed palliatives. In a country of 200 million something people, the virus would’ve taken much more than W.H.O. can track. But as the Lord is merciful & the Lord in Nigeria is the Nigerian government, food items & money were given to both young & old unprivileged Nigerians. Do not think that the money was transferred through individual BVNs as earlier scheduled. Do not think that the relief items were only two cups of rice, a sachet of tomato paste & a sachet of salt as rumoured on social media. The Nigeria government did more than that. Any contrary account is fake news & the peddlers must’ve been sanctioned.
  5. Nigerians had better experiences working from home. If you doubt this you haven’t heard the news about stable electricity, press releases upon press releases from Aso Rock. The press releases helped citizens relax; it nurtured their hopes of returning to their perfect 9-5 life. If you didn’t know that Nigerians lived under best circumstances, then you haven’t heard of the ridiculous pump price & its contributions to transportation. After all, less & less number of people board transport vehicles. & this isn’t because they can’t afford the transport fare, it’s because they have nowhere to go.
  6. COVID-19 took away those who should die. Remember the girls raped & murdered during that period? Remember Uwavera Omozuwa & many other girls & women? God sent coronavirus to take them. The ladies were not brutally taken, treated like mannequins & murdered by their violators. Allah deemed their death fit & granted them such early Jannah Firdaus. The Nigerian security system did not fail them; neither has the justice system which hasn’t prosecute their violators. The Nigerian government tried but COVID-19 came to steal, to kill & to destroy.

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