Just Ranting.


told someone yesterday that I prefer on many occasions; reading books to having conversations with most people. It seems a little wacko, but I think many people can drive you to insane madness by engaging them in conversations.

So today, I was on my own jeje, when I saw one post in one WhatsApp group that I joined thinking that I have finally found something sensible. But then I discovered that it was quite trashy, and a lot of posts were really annoying even though I refused to speak up. I said to myself: “P.P be a good girl. You just joined oh. Maybe it would end up being useful”. So I put on the garment of long suffering, but little did I know that the anger had been seething for a while and then I saw this post today and my volcanic anger erupted. The cliché straw that broke the camel’s back was just an understatement.

Someone forwarded one of this famous “Reasons to be proud to be black” yen yen yen. So it went like this: ( but I guess you should know already how it would go…)

Mali Musa was the richest man in the world and he was black

Anointing Madueke worked on Apollo 1 space exploration and he was black

Queen Amina was the first to conquer men and she was black

Pure water was first invented by Uba Sharpsharp and he was black

The first university was black

Michael Jackson, Helen Paul, Lionel Richie, Muhammad Ali…in fact, the greatest entertainers are black.

Even the richest soil in mother Earth, the loam, is black.

Whites have been trying to deceive us that they are superior but you know what, we the blacks are most superior. Be proud to be black!!!

And there it ended.

(Of course I couldn’t help using a little sarcasm! Mtcheeww).

So I saw the post and I opened my WhatsApp mouth and talked oh. I just said that claiming black superiority is another face of thhe same coin: racism. And I replied one person that decided to add to the list with boasting about other black inventions: blacks in Egypt began civilization. Began religion Whites now stole it and are claiming it is theirs. I think I was more angry in replying this.

That was how in the twinkling of an eye, this people came as a mob against me:

You have inferior mindset! You think white is superior! What a shame!

You are one of those people who are slave minded and want to marry white women. Shame!

I am a graduate of “Among the blind, one eyed man is King University” and I am quite old as I have reached half of Nigeria’s life expectancy age so you better know that you know nothing if I don’t agree with you

Go and do better research instead of saying rubbish

Bla bla

In truth, I am never intimidated by arguments or not having enough support… Instead it fires me up. I had already prepared my defence when Oga phone battery decided to die! Can you imagine??! Just when I wanted to reply! 

So that is the end of my rant. I’ll post the finely thought out answer that I wanted to post before battery did it’s job. Title? “Why Should I Be Black and Proud?… Questioning Racism in a Different Colour”

Watch out for my next post!!!

And in the mean time, what do you think?

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What do you think?

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