African Woman

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African woman, black woman.

Glory in the colour of your skin

For it brings your frame to life

Adding a touch to everything you do.

It glistens in the sun,


Yet it doesn’t crack.

It causes heads to turn

And young men to lose focus.

They who feign hate for this heavenly gift

Go down on their knees when you turn your back to them

And pray to God,

That He gives them a skin like yours

So that they can attract

All of humanity’s attention

Just the way you do.


African woman, beautiful woman.

Your beauty emanates 

From deep within your heart.

But that doesn’t mean 

That it is restricted to just within.

For your outward beauty 

Surpasses that of the lilies growing in the open fields.

You radiate the beauty of the triune God.

After all, 

He took His time to create you,

Moulding you into perfection

And finishing it all by crowning you 

With enough eumelanin 

To distinguish you from all your contemporaries.


African woman, strong woman.

Your arms have toiled in ways your mouth dare not speak of

While your back has carried them

Who were born of your own womb.

Your feet have treaded the most dangerous places

In search of a means of survival

For the children you have borne

And the family you so cherish.

Your eyes have seen the worst.

They have watched your young ones die

Of mysterious plagues.

These eyes have watched your father and his kinsmen

Sell you off

As though you were but a common commodity,

Exchanging you for a few cattles and some cups of rice.


African woman, happy woman.

In spite of all you’ve been through,

You have managed to remain strong,

And healthy too.

You always find a way to stay

Through every hardship and every storm.

And when more come

You gird your loins,

Preparing for it,

And go through it with a smile.

You don’t smile because you enjoy your pain.

You smile because you’re hopeful it’ll one day go away.


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