Dear African Child, Why Do You Cry?

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Dear African child, why do you cry?

Do you cry because of the hardships you face?

Is it because you have no food to eat that you cry?

Or is there another reason why?

Is it because you lack good clothes

Because your parents cannot afford

To offer you the luxury

That you so deserve?

Or is it because you barely have good shelter

To protect you from the harsh weather

That the African climate comes with?


Dear African child, why do you cry?

Do you cry because the environment is unlivable?

Do you cry because you’ve watched your parents

Sweep floods out of a place you call home

Time and time again?

Do you want a better life?

Are you tired of squatting the whole day

With Iya Beebah whenever it rains

Because she lives upstairs

And the flood never gets to her?

Home is supposed to be safe,

But everytime it rains

Your home is filled with water,

And sometimes it even chases you away.


Dear African child, why do you cry?

Is it because there isn’t good education in your country?

Is that why you cry?

Do you cry because the infrastructures

That are meant to be put in place

For the sake of your schooling

Are nowhere to be found?

Or do you cry because of the incessant strikes

That affect,

Not just the university students,

But the educational sector as a whole,

Because it shows just how rotten and corrupt the government is?


Dear African child, why do you cry?

Are you tired of being called African?

Is your identity now synonymous to corruption,

Even though in reality you cannot even hurt a fly?

Do they find it hard to believe your words

Just because your skin has been burnt black

By the hot African sun?

Is it a problem to you?

Does it make you lose sleep at night?

Do you wish you were Caucasian

With blue eyes,

Blonde hair

And milky skin?

Or do you wish instead that one day you won’t be defined

By your skin color

Or by the continent you’re from?


Dear African child, 

I would have told you to wipe your tears,

I would have told you that everything would be okay.

But I am in fact unsure

Of whether your tears will ever not have a reason to fall.

I am unsure of whether the current state

Of your beloved continent

Will ever be changed.

Because the people in it are comfortable

With these same things you cry about.

That is why they don’t challenge the government,

That is why during the elections

They accept bribes, 

And propagate corruption.

But then again, my child,

As you shed your tears,

Have it in mind

That I shed them with you also.


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