Sade Ran Away From Home

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Sade ran away from home.

It was on a hot Saturday afternoon that she had left,

Carrying a small bag with few of her belongings in it.

No one had seen her when she was leaving,

For they were all busy with preparations for Salewa’s traditional wedding.

But I had seen her,

Looking around,

Checking to see if anyone was watching her

Before slipping out through the shortcut that led to the bus stop.


Sade ran away from home.

It wasn’t a pleasant news to relay,

Since it was nothing anyone had expected;

Especially not from Sade.

Her father blamed her mother for being careless.

Her mother blamed her father for being too strict.

Her siblings blamed us, 

Their neighbors, 

For not looking out for her departure.

But in all the blames and frenzy,

I never told anyone that I had seen her slipping out through the back.


Sade ran away from home.

It had been her greatest desire,

She had told me about it a million times.

And if I was sure I heard correctly,

It was because she wanted freedom.

Freedom from her nagging mother,

And her overly strict father.

But most of all, freedom to love whom she wanted;

Which wasn’t possible in her parents’ house.

In a few weeks time,

They were going to hurl her into the house of Ademola,

The carpenter that lived down the street,

So that they would begin to live as husband and wife.

Sade didn’t want that,

And neither did I.


Sade ran away from home.

Last I remember, 

She was running to the Island,

To meet her wealthy, 

Secret lover,

Whom no one else but me had knowledge about;

For it would mean the end of her.

Her father would never let her marry someone of her choice,

And her mother had supported her father’s choice for her.

But Sade had vehemently opposed them,

She wanted Daniel, 

And Daniel she had gone to meet.


Sade ran away from home,

And her family was worried about her.

Being that none of them had the slightest idea of her possible whereabouts.

For if they did, 

They would have gone to bring her back home.

Back to the oppression and suppression she faced daily from her father,

Back to the controlling and overly demanding nature of her mother;

Because her return wouldn’t change anything at all,


It would only make things worse.


Sade ran away from home,

Now it was my turn to be worried about her.

For she hadn’t called like she had promised to once she reached his house and settled in.

I was worried she never reached,

And more scared that the one she loved had hurt her.

But I couldn’t share my fears with anyone.

If I did, 

I would be exposing her whereabouts,

And she would hate me for that.


Sade ran away from home.

For weeks her family searched for her,

Sending out descriptive information to the media and security agents,

So they could help find her.

Her parents were remorseful,

They even promised to be less frustrating.

If only she’d come back to them, 

They promised they’d forget she ever ran away.

They also promised to give her the freedom she so longed for,

And let her make her own choices from then on.


Sade ran away from home,

But they finally brought her back to us;




And decomposing.

As her body laid on the verandah,

All the women wailed like little children,

Wishing this was all a dream.

Her father and brothers stood at a distance,

Shaking their heads in pity at the disaster that Sade had ended up in.

She had been a victim of the merciless organ harvesters,

Who worked hand in hand with her secret lover.

For the one she loved had sold her out,

Even before she left the house.


Sade ran away from home.

I blame myself everyday for not stopping her,

But I blame her parents even more.

For if they hadn’t been choking her,

For their decisions on her,

If they hadn’t been treating her like a prisoner in her own home,

She would have never sought freedom so badly.

She wouldn’t have yearned for the love they never offered,

And she wouldn’t have left in the first place.



Sade would still be alive.

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