Back at home as the door slowly opens, a slouched figure appears… a dejected soul not because of the rigors of being a single mother of four, or the fatigue associated with running up and down while saving lives  from 9am till 8pm or the constant reminders of the outstanding debts the bastard father of her children has successfully accumulated, or the shocking news about the likely loss of her job or even the death of her loving seventy-five years old father. But no! It’s a lot worse than all of that.

Her mind begins to recollect the procession of events she had just gone through as she becomes lost in the sphere of nothingness. This is beyond the climax! What would her four lovely children do with the inheritance left for them? An inheritance of debts and shame courtesy of their “caring” father, an inheritance of loneliness and hopelessness all thanks to her.

“Nooooo…” is all she could manage to mutter under her breath. “Why do bad things happen to the good, why has suffering and tears become the salary of the upright?…”, Her mind is puzzled with never ending questions! She had been strong and perseverant. She stood her ground amidst all their problems and challenges. Why then did this have to happen to her? 

She couldn’t have ever imagined that the voice of her colleague, Dr. Badmus could toss her into a state of hopelessness! First came the fatigue. “This is an ally, considering the kind of life she lived everyday”, so she had thought. Next was the fever and the darkest part of her mind began to send shivers all over her body. But then she thought, “it couldn’t be, I use protection”… Despite this reassurance, she knew what was wrong but she just wouldn’t accept it. 

At last the voice of her close acquaintance, Dr. Badmus dropped the bomb!!! She is infected!!! “By what???” she asked even though she knew what it was. And then everything stopped!!! Her hearing! her sight! her breathing! and perhaps her heartbeat! Slowly she felt her body collapse into the well tiled floor with a little bang, as the words came out of his mouth. “COVID-19!”. Now lying helpless on the ground is a lifesaver in need of saving!

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