My Year Diary


Hey, it’s new!
Not just the morning and day,
The new year is here.
I peeped at the long path of its twelve feet
Oh, I’m gonna jump off each new step!
It looks fun,
Exciting to see.
Naw, it sucks too
I can’t see the end clearly,
Seems too far to rise and start the game.

Hi Jan,
I played you and won
It wasn’t really hard,
Everything still glows newly
My passion still burns anyway.

Mr. February came in nicely,
So humble to knock lightly at my door,
Not half bad that I had him as my date
I got the best treat afterall.

It seems like a routine,
Marching to the next third ladder.
Standing feels firm
Yeah, at first;

My eyes glared at the smiling sky.
I just hit my feet on a new age.
And here begins my story,
It doesn’t look new again
It now looks real.

It came, the hefty Goliath of the year
Surging so strong like the wave,
Having me to fight with my friable fist.
I couldn’t just bear to wail
And echo a call unto the Savior.

He came
And made me shrewd to war.
I fought, and sailed through.
Now at the end,
I see
The victory which has been attained,
The award of another new year,
Uncovering another journey;
A new game sets to begin!

©Pretoria December, 2021.

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