How To Choke Sapa

How To Choke Sapa

Amidst other trending slangs, sapa is one I just learnt its meaning. As I was told, it is a state of being broke. One who is fond of strolling on the street of Twitter would be familiar with this term and stories of people who have experienced sapa. I too have. Out of my many experiences, I remember a time I was with my ex-roommate and we had nothing to eat. Nothing at all. As a result of that, we decided to fast that day. We concluded that instead of waiting hungry, we could wait on the Lord. “Who knows, manna could fall,” so we thought.

E choke is another trending slang. So, today we’ll be learning how to choke Sapa. There’s always a way out to these things. Let’s carry on!


Often times, we are oblivious to the versatility of our mind. There are lots of things we can do, we just have to open our minds to it. But for this to work, you have to be battle ready even before the day of battle. It’s quite impossible for you to start thinking of ways to trade your mind on the arrival of sapa, you’ll be too broke to. You’ll eventually get choked.

Learn a skill or two. It’ll surprised you that the little income you’ll get would accumulate to something big enough to choke S



This always come in handy. Once you realize sapa is lurking, draft a plan to visit your friends. Before you know it, you’ll eat to your fill. You might even get lucky and get cash too. But remember, one good turn deserves another. Ensure you’re not someone who will ignore a friend’s call for help in times of need.


No, no, I’m not telling you to be a parasite. A relationship is not meant to be parasitic, but symbiotic. Ask your dictionary or a Biology student for help to understand that better.

As long as your relationship is symbiotic, your partner definitely won’t watch you get choked.

PS: Don’t be in a one-way relationship. Don’t be the one dating yourself, thinking you’re in a relationship with someone.


As a writer on Tell, when you get a work of yours published, you might get tipped if someone loves your story or article. Isn’t that amazing? Yeah, the first point works here too. Trade your mind as an author, get tipped and let bad energy—sapa—stay far away.


Remember I said to trade your mind in the first point I mentioned, you’ll need it here—the second time. On trading your mind and getting paid, don’t be a lavish spender. Don’t be the I can’t kill myself type. Kill yourself, you won’t die!


I don’t know how other savings app work but I’m really good with Cowryrise. It helps a lot. I have an automated emergency fund plan that deducts #500 from my bank account weekly if there’s cash in my account. Even though the money there might not be much, you’ll be surprised at what little amounts like #1,000 could do. Sapa would be choked all the way.

With these few points of mine (winks) I’m sure sapa is in trouble already. E go choke big time.

Don’t loose guard!

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