Secret Prayers

Secret Prayers


Can over lovers come
With us to heaven?

We would kiss our way into
The holy of holies and watch
The angels chirp the beautiful hallelujah,
Hiting their highest pitch and
Swaying their voices into
Our hearts, creating room for
Melodious love-making and…
(there’s no room for the things
Of the world in heaven)

Sin is not an option so,
Can we ascribe holy names to
The things we’d do? Like,
Mouths coming together like
Hands would in prayers;
Bodies clapping in bed like
Hands do in hot praise-our hands
commit more sins than our minds.
(forgive us all our trespasses)

We landed on earth with our bodies wrapped in immoralities and our minds dressed in clothes of sin, sin and sins.
So, can we not be judged for
The decisions we make?
Let our banks be filled with
Immense grace and our life
Records with how your son died for us
(Give us this day our daily bread)

We wouldn’t want to burn in
Fire and brimstone either; would we?


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