Surviving A Heartbreak In A Grand Style.

Surviving A Heartbreak In A Grand Style.

It takes an heartbroken person to help another out of the heart broken-ness—if there’s even a thing like that—and surprisingly, I’ve been in and out of that phase a couple of times. Like I mentioned, it’s a phase, you’ll definitely get past it.

Not just any foreign songs, but foreign, solemn, heartbreak, sad songs. English songs, yes! Like Brymo mentioned in one of his songs, “heartbreak songs are better in English.” You might be wondering, why do I need to listen to a song that’ll stir up the heartbreak? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; you need it! You need to let the songs hit you like a gust of wind. You might cry or wail or even feel more broken, trust me, it’s for the best.
To get the best out of these songs, you need to plug in an earpiece, headset, anything that’ll ensure you listen to the music alone, and loud.
Try listening to:
My Oasis by Sam Smith featuring Burna Boy,
Loved by You by Justin Bieber,
Love is gone by Slander featuring Dylan Matthew,
Runnin (lose it all) by Naughty Boy featuring Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin,
Come Back Home by Calum Scott…I can actually share my playlist with you, that’s if you don’t mind.

Don’t give me that funny look all because you’re not a writer. Let me tell you something you’ve probably not heard before, “everyone is a writer!” You just haven’t unlocked that part of you yet. You can do that now!
Write! Write! Write!
The ink you write with transports your burden to the note you write on and before you know it, the more you write, the better you get.
Please, write using a book and a pen, that’s the right way to it. Typing with your phone is just too modern, it won’t give you the desired healing you require. Trust me!

Hey, look here! You are great, and equally amazing. Haha! I caught you, you hissed at what I said. But really, you are, and you can’t tell me otherwise.
This is probably your first heartbreak or you’ve been heartbroken a couple of times, it doesn’t matter. You’ll get over this too. Heartbreaks do not determine who you are or how special you are, you do!

Get a hold of yourself, even if that requires you tying yourself to a pole or something.
Please, don’t go sliding into people’s DMs with “God when” when you see them upload a picture or video of them with their partner, or when you see a random couple online. You don’t have to be pathetic and petty. Your love is on its way; it could take time, let love take its time. You’ll realize it’s worth it in the end.

What will be will be, so let your ex be! Don’t go creeping into their social media pages as a spy, because you’re not one. You don’t have to track their successes or failure, you don’t have to know if they’re doing well or not. You don’t have to keep up with conversations either; your state of mind needs that.
It’s not as easy as I have typed it but then, you’ll find yourself thanking me later. I remember how I’d sheepishly crawl into my ex’s DM, asking irrelevant questions. I was so stupid. Now, I can laugh at how stupid I was. You’d come back to laugh too, a big and relieving laugh.

Just because you got heartbroken doesn’t mean you should break the heart of others that come your way.
Be different, lead on with love. E go be!

There’s more to where these came from. But, that doesn’t even matter. Who knows, love might come knocking on your door tomorrow morning. Please, don’t fight it, let it in with an open arms!

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