The Splendor of Christmas

The Splendor of Christmas

Unfazed by the sins of men,
He grappled while sauntering in
The holy of holies.
Passion stirred love etched on His brows as He thought,
“Who do we send for the world’s freedom?”

Jesus, without bickering or doleful,
Asked to be birthed in a manger
So we could march to
The resolute beat of victory
That came with His birth;

So we could puncture into
The silence that death brought,
With cheerful shouts of hallelujah and glory;
So we could be undaunted as
Lucifer brings memories of our sins—

Collected long ago like a beach pebble—
And slips it into the pocket of our minds;
So we could behold his glory, full of grace and truth;
So we could ring in our beautiful attire and sumptuous delicacies,
And ring in Christ in His candor.



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