Tales of a lazy writer

Tales of a lazy writer

Hey guys, this is going to be my very first blog,and it’s probably explaining why it’s my first. So nice to meet you, I’m Precious

    I think going by the fact I’m starting a blog it’s pretty obvious I have a thing for writing. But then why am I just starting? I have like a list of excuses lined up each time I decide – “okay girl, let’s write” but today the queen of sarcasm in my head wasn’t backing down without a fight.

For some reason, I’d slept in the afternoon so falling asleep at night was clownery on my part. I grabbed the book I’m currently reading – Unashamed by Lecrae Devaughn (I hope I got that right lol) Moore, and i get my jotter. Hoping some sort of inspiration would come .




Felt like the universe was making a joke out of me. Going by the fact that I didn’t write when I had stuff to write about,it wasn’t giving me anything when I wanted to.

Giving up,I started to clean the house. I literally cleaned everything but it’s only 4am and I’m done. Okay I do my devotion and try to sleep. Nope. Mother nature wasn’t having it. I gave up,and then thought I’d write.

Then it hit me! You’re quite the lazy writer girl. Because while cleaning,I had like 3 different things to write about pop in my head but of course I ignored it – well till now.

So I thought I would share this with you all for a start. And if you’re thinking “why don’t you just stop writing all together?” Oh hun-nay,I have tried. It’s a part of me so even if I’m a lazy one,I’m always going to be a writer.

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  1. I’m so happy for youuuu and I love this so freaking muchhhhh
    This is gonna be a blast ❤💫

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