We don’t want a reform. We want an end

We don't want a reform. We want an end

It’s only being a couple of days since we celebrated the 60th Independence day of our “oh so beloved” and not so much comfortable homeland. And we’re here fighting for our lives. 

 By what I’ve seen/read,I realized SARS was made to serve as a means of protection for the common man and to basically keep us safe from robbers or people trying to hurt us. So imagine the shock,hurt and sting of betrayal and heartbreak when these same “protectors” are the ones harming us and cutting lives short? What did we do? Where did we go wrong?

Before I continue,I’d like to say something I’d seen earlier today : Dear yahoo boys, and everyone involved in fraudulent activities,you are the reason we’re even here to begin with. No it doesn’t excuse the evil this people are doing but you have a hand in it.

 Moving on,it’d started with flimsy excuses like “you look like a criminal” and “you’re dressing indecently” sorry sir,is there a particular way a criminal looks or should look? Where and when was it said that having locs made your “crime-material” because I really don’t know how to fathom this clownery. I’m not encouraging “indecency” but I think whatever a person wears is their business,no one else’s. And what they wear shouldn’t be a reason for them to be treated like animals!

We are humans. And it’s sad that we have so much needs but here we are begging to just exist.

We overlooked the dressing excuse till the brutality goes on to people who aren’t even “indecently clad”. SARS sirs, what’s your excuse? You have a gut feeling this person is bad? You’re the evil to be avoided so what are you saying?

We’re tired of living in fear. We want to be able to go out looking good without the fear of the day not ending good.

We’re even more sick of living like we are criminals because we’re in this part of the world.

What’s worse is how our leaders are suddenly silent and blind to everything that’s happening. Even foreigners are fighting for us more than our own. Shocking eh?

Our national TV’s, “the people’s choice” “the voice of the people” and all that crap are suddenly deaf and dumb and CNN sees it all. Utter deception and lies!

We want to live! We shan’t be silenced! We won’t cower in fear anymore! We want an end to this!

#endsars #endpolicebrutality #wedon’twantreforms #justendsarsnow

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