My people, my race
Labelled irrelevant for the color of our face
Made to submit our pride
Not just of late but over a length of years
My people, my race
At a time when we were forced to mask our faces
Our rights were denied, we were forced to mask our feelings
In a world where our lives were considered
Mediocre, our tears, our voices
Our opinions chalked up to dust.
My people, my race
This malady we bore like an embrace
Mediocrity an inheritance passed down
From our fathers, like a box of hand-me-downs
Filled with disgrace.
My people, my race
Our heritage rendered abase
When our fathers, our mothers
Were thrown into the cage of slavery
So many decades before
So many decades forward, and here we are
Their descendants still shackled in slavery to racism
To our chagrin.
My people, my race
They have made living in the world
As difficult for us, our backs bent over
Like an old lady carrying weights
Even as we carry our own weights in our hearts
Now, humiliation clings to us
Like two lovers on their first date
Our voices ignored, our complaints erased
We’re made insignificant as tiny ants
Running about in a big house
Unnoticed, unseen.
My people, my race
Paraded a figure of ridicule
Like an iron gang shut up with branks and iron bits
Our color dangles from our necks like a penalty
Eradicated like pests invading a corn Field
But my people, my race
Clothed in this color of Grace
Carrying our weights, we hold up our heritage like a Mace
With unity, we’ll leave our story etched in space
With our voices we’ll wage our war for Justice
Because we are tough, we are strong
We are Blacks!
Because black is not death
Black is not mediocrity
Black is not slavery
Black is not a penalty or an abomination
Black is not a disease or a sin
Black, I know, is a voice
Black is Elegance
Black is Power
Black is all sacrifices made
Black is all the blood shed for Freedom
Black is maturity, black is productivity
Black is Africa in all of its Glory
Black is a seed down on good soil
That blossoms into a solid edifice
Black is everything good
Black is all the thrills in Our stories
Black is a movement, Black is a voice
Black is our responsibility, Black is our call
We’ll shout it in all the streets
Black is a Chosen people
Black is Africa in all of it’s splendour
We’ll carry our weights with lifted hands
We’ll wear our color Chin up, shoulders high
Eyes focused
We are Blacks and we have a story
Black is our root, black is our source
Black is the foundation on which our dreams are built
Black is immunity, black is Hope
Black is the antidote.

My people my race,
No freedom, no peace
Till we in unity, finish our race.

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