I know you’re a man after God’s heart  But still in a dilemma if you’re after my heart  You once mentioned love to me But I only got a better taste of it

You promised me the love, the universe can’t offer
I fell for it, but little do I know my emotions get to me
I kept loving you but you didn’t love me back

Almost a year you left Dave
But still have you in my thoughts
Dave, Dave you’ve left for too long
Give me the love you promised
I want you back, so you can feel the warmth of my love again
Will you come back? Or am i day dreaming
But loving you wasn’t a crime
I just want to be loved

At this point I take hold of my love
Saddened but I let the nature of love find me

Love is from the heart, not only expressed with mere words, love is felt not abstract, love is reciprocated that what makes it beautiful

Give love to who appreciates love❤️

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    1. Dear winnie,

      I got your mail and i was reminded what love i lost,
      I knew what i had, i also did know how big your dreams were,
      I never left you for me, I did it for you;
      Love was not all you needed, i wasn’t sure I’m all you needed,
      I really do wish you well, but I’m busy working on the man you’ll want even if you’ve acquired all you ever needed.

      Yours entirely.

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