The role of government in enhancing university system cannot be overemphasized. The university education which is the higher education that award degrees need not to be neglected, this system of education which provide students with the opportunity to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare them for the future, this is indeed a life- changing experience that opens up a world of opportunities. To this effect, the government has a big role to play to enhance the quality of education in our university system.
It is the role of the government to provide an enabling environment for our lecturers and students such as good classrooms in a serene and quiet environment, well conducive and the capacity to accommodate students to avoid congestions for the comfort of both the lecturers and the students.
Government can influence the improvement of the university system by ensuring the relevant funding for proper functioning in universities. With this, infrastructures needed for smooth running of the university will be implemented like electricity, good roads even health facilities and equipped libraries will be made available.The necessary equipment to complement the theoretical aspect of any discipline in order for students to practicalize what they are being taught will be provided. Also payment of salaries when due to teaching and non- teaching staffs, to avoid the disheartening challenge we face in our university system in Nigeria for example the issue of Asuu( Academic staff union of universities) embarking on strike in every academic session disrupting academic activities this occurs in an alarming rate that even prolong the stipulated years of students in school by reducing the quality and assurance in the university system. The government should endeavour to allocate reasonable proportion of budget to higher education.
Also, government should ensure there is employment of quality lecturers to teach students this is of upmost interest in the improvement of the university system. The quality of knowledge which is generated in institutions of higher learning is critical to national competitiveness which sharpens the mind of students and help transform the society economically, socially and politically. These should be accessed of the lecturers employed, the lecturers entry qualification, values, pedagogical skills,professional preparedness, subject background and philosophical orientation.
Furthermore,there should be a body ( board) setup to evaluate the activities and monitor the running of the university system and also policy that will regulate its activities this would help to place standard in the universities. For example the NUC( National universities commission) which is responsible for accreditation of program in universities that checks the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the program accredited. More bodies like this should be setup which will be responsible for the monitoring and supervising of educational activities especially that of teaching and learning, that will also ensure available financial resources that will be accountable for and utilize properly, employing of professional and qualified lecturers and provide in – service training and even re – training. Also body that can Oversee the activities of the university administrators from the vice – chancellor down to the management. For adequate improvement in the quality of university to be achieved, vice – chancellor and management should be of the performance and result oriented by focusing on the pursuit of vision and mission of the university.
Conclusion, the role of government in enhancing the university system in Nigeria is very crucial to facilitate improvement in our university education. Much sacrifice is required of the government, with these roles put into consideration our university system in Nigeria will improve drastically to meet up the standard which it was designed for.

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  1. You are right, but also the content of what will be thought is as important as the teachers itself. Example; most Higher Institutions teachings focuses on the Europeans, while neglecting the blacks. Lectures always tend see the white as role model which has been part of our problems even up to now. Lectures should focus on how we can develop ourselves (knowing ourselves), but this won’t be thought in schools, rather they teach us how to look for work and become slaves.

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