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                                      BOUQET AND EVERYTHING AFTER BY PRINCESS .E. AKENZUA

                They buy what’s not in their budget,

                They spend millions on dresses,

                They change the full meaning of the ceremony,

                To them it’s a time to show off their wealth and riches,

                But it’s really to celebrate their new life together.

                They forget, but I’ll remind them,

                There’s life after a wedding!!


                They take loans from the bank,

                Without knowing how to pay back,

                They spend thousands on cakes,

                A mere food that would be eaten at the end of the ceremony,

                They want their wedding to be bigger than every other wedding,

                But they forget, but I’ll remind them,

                Someone else will do a wedding bigger than yours.


                There is more to life than large weddings,

                After the wedding they scramble around looking for money to pay off their debts,

                They forget that they still need to save money for their future together.


The birth of a child rolls in,

                They are amazed with great expenses,

                And like that a quarrel starts between the couple,          

                They blame each other for reckless spending,

                When they are both at fault.


And at the end it results to a break up

                Millions gone down the drain to result to a break up

                So I tell you once again,

                There is more to life after a wedding.

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  1. This is a very lovely poem i love the authors thinking because not everyone who is a writer or a poet would think of writing on things concerning such part of life . T was a really lovely read

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