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                                        HUSTLE BY PRINCESS.E. AKENZUA

          They sit there, convinced,

                They don’t think about their future,

                They are okay being the tail,

                I keep on telling them but they won’t listen,

                Hustle! For your time is now not tomorrow,

                Don’t be satisfied with better,

                But instead strive to be the best.


                Twenty five and above,

                Still living in your father’s house,

                Is that life?

                You eat the food your mother made,

                You are enjoying the fruit of your fathers labour,

                They are burdens to their parents,

                But they don’t care.


                They tell them to be successful with their lives,

                But they reply by saying they are already successful,

                I keep telling them but they refuse to listen,

                Success is the ability to prosper

                With or without the help of someone.

                Do not be used to the pleasure of asking someone for something,

                Because in this life they come and they go,


                So try to be independent,

                So I tell for the last time,

                Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!

                Change your tomorrow by changing your today.









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