The gift of goodbye!“, sounds weird right? Don’t worry you will get to understand more as we move. Stay tuned

Sometimes the best thing that could ever happen to us is allowing some people to walk away from our lives. Have you noticed that when you set some standards and boundaries for yourself and decide to be intentional about your life, some people will walk away because they are not compatible with the upgraded you? I am sure this has happened to a lot of us including me.

When those people who pull you down choose to walk away, they are doing you a great favour but you may not realize it.

You shouldn’t look back with regrets when such people leave because they just gave you the gift of goodbye. Therefore, embrace the new thing that’s coming forth, get ready for the new thing God wants to do in your life.

That person who just left may be keeping you from spreading your wings. He may be holding you back. He might be preventing you from taking that big step that will change your life positively.

Mind you, this person might not necessarily be a bad person oh. You might say ” but I depend on her to always be there for me”, you might as well say “but I depend on him for financial support”. I want you to understand today that, THAT PERSON IS NOT THE KEY TO YOU BECOMING BETTER.

Not everyone is meant to stay permanently with you, some people are just meant to breeze in & breeze out. You shouldn’t get upset if somebody leaves your life, be it your friend, business partner, or even your neighbour, etc. They only gave you a gift – the gift of goodbye, so that you can move forward.

You should understand that YOUR DESTINY IS NOT TIED TO THE PEOPLE WHO WALK AWAY FROM YOU. IF IT WAS, THEY WOULDN’T WALK AWAY. You should learn to appreciate such an amazing gift, I understand that it might not be easy but you just have to MOVE FORWARD!


© Chioma Ogunka

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