The Type of Friend You Shouldn’t Be (I)


“Friendship goals>>>>>>”😍😍

“OMG, their circle is so tight…”

“Awwwww. I love friends that slay together…”

Expressions like these are released into space like a billion times every day. Scrolling through your feed on social media, talking to people in class or at work, random chats with your parents, you will always see beautiful friendships being displayed. Cute.

People mostly talk about how to be the good friend, but hardly will you be told how to not be the bad friend. Read that line again. Well, I’m here to bring that often ignored side to light – you’re welcome.

Don’t Be The Friend That Doesn’t Know How To Be Happy For Their Friend

Hehehe, some inner examination going on, I know. It’s very easy to claim to be happy for people without actually being happy. A lot of people are on this table. DoΒ  you genuinely celebrate the wins of your friends or do you shine teeth because courtesy demands you do so? Are there times you think you are more deserving of the opportunities your friends get? Would you rather be the centre of attraction always?

It is one thing to be challenged to grow because of your friends’ wins; it is another thing to want to grow just to “prove a point” to your friends or “show them”. What point do you want to prove, pleaseeeeee? That you’re the minister for jealousy and anti-progress relations?

I know not everyone is this kind of friend. I also know that not everyone does this on purpose. Let’s fix up – we can only get better.

Even with the table shaking, I’m for peace.😌 I’ll see ya in Part II.Β 

Peace out.✌️

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