The Type of Friend You Shouldn’t Be (II)


Humans thrive on relationships, and so it just makes sense that the hinges of our relationships with people are well oiled. Ororo dey my pen, so you don’t have to worry. 

Don’t Be The Empathy-Deficient Friend

What’s this empathy people keep talking about? The dictionary definition of empathy is the capacity to understand another person’s point of view.

Now, do you really, actually, sincerely, understand people’s points of view? One thing I’ve learnt over and over again is that humans are naturally selfish. But that doesn’t make selfishness right.

Back to my question, do you? It’s not about interjecting with “I see” in a serious  conversation when the only thing you see is that your friend is wasting your time. 

Should I go on?

The worst display of lack of empathy is dismissing your friend’s experience as insignificant. Arghhh.😩 Everything doesn’t have to be about you, you know?

Somebody tells you about something bad that happened to them and the next thing you open your mouth to say is, “Orrrr, that one is even small. If you know what happened to me ehnn…” Or “Better let me hear word. You should have seen how I . . .”

Now, look at yourself. Do you think that smelly behaviour makes you a good friend? For crying out loud, is it a competition, a may-the-biggest-problem-win situation?

It is a gutter act, in all honesty. It’s better you don’t talk than try to trample the feelings – be it of joy or of sadness – of your friend.

I know there are a number of people that do this without knowing that they do; change is still a constant. I’m not begging you to change – not at all. I’m telling you to change so that you’ll be a better human. 

Remember that we can only get better. Peace out.✌️

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