8 Things to Expect In Game Of Thrones Season 8

8 Things to Expect In Game Of Thrones Season 8

1)The NightKing saying something:

Whoever is acting as the NightKing definitely got a good deal from Game of Thrones because the nigga hasn’t said a single word since the beginning of the series. We’re sure he doesn’t even need to read any scripts!. All he ever does is give a hard stare and frown his icy face, (and sometimes throw Javelins like a pro) I hope that changes in the season finale because we’re a fan of the NightKing and I’m really interested in what he has to say. Say something to the fans brov.

2)The Battle of the Dragons:

Everyone knows the NightKing now has his own dragon that spits icy fire (or is it firey ice🤔). We would definitely be seeing a showdown between the Ice Dragon and his two brothers. Considering the fact that he is the biggest of the two, he might kill one or at least induce some major damage.

3)NightKing Versus Jon Snow:

This might not happen anytime soon, but it is bound to happen. Jon Snow is the “prince that is promised to bring the dawn” and it is his destiny to vanquish the NightKing. That’s why the Lord of Light brought him back when he died. Although The NightKing is a badass mo’erfucker with so many magic powers while Jon Snow has only one title and no magic, we look forward to seeing how pretty little Kit Harrington is going to defeat the greatest villain in the 7 Kingdoms.

4) Jon Snow proving that he is a true Targaryen:

Knowing how noble Jon Snow is, he most certainly would not choose to directly claim to be the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and the true heir to the Iron Throne, but something would definitely happen to prove this for a fact. We all know true Targaryen cannot be burnt by fire, we believe this would have something to do with Jon revealing his true identity. We look forward to seeing how they depict this.

5)The Battle with the WhiteWalkers at Winterfell:

This should happen soon and alot of people are going to die here! Like, ALOT!. For instance, I’m 70% sure Jaime Lannister is going to die during this Battle while doing something heroic (saving somebody’s life maybe). It’s the only way he can be redeemed for his many many sins. Alot of other important characters would die here too, but we’re not sure who they are (so this is not a spoiler!)

6) Bran Showing Off his Warg Magic:

Brandon Stark is the 3 eyed Raven, and that’s meant to come with some benefits. Bran’s Warg powers would be used so much, they might even help change the tides of the war with the WhiteWalkers. We’re actually hoping he Wargs into a Dragon, or controls a WhiteWalker.

7) Cersei’s last crazy strategy before surrender:

Cersei’s is going to lose, maybe. But that woman is so cunning and so desperate, I’m quite certain she has a crazy war strategy in play to keep her on the Iron Throne, and we’re looking forward to finding out what it is. Nonetheless, never underestimate Cersei. For a woman who blew up the High Septon and the Tyrells, trust her to impress.

8) The Happy-Unhappy Ending:

If you’re expecting Game of Thrones to end on a happy note, you should rethink that. The writers of Game of Thrones have a penchant for killing off characters and I’m certain 80% of your favorite characters are going to die, it’s just a question of Who?.

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