New Year Resolutions are a Scam

New Year Resolutions are a Scam

“Resolutions are funny. They are one of those things, like relationship, we go into  with full knowledge that they would most likely to go shit.”


Some people’s New year’s resolution is to buy Benz in 2019. Imagine!

New Year Resolutions are one of those many lies we tell ourselves. Everyone is always shouting new year, new me when we truly know that it’s impossible to change ourselves overnight, except we create a clone.

The truth is change is the only constant and we should always seek to accept it and let it take its course, rather than try to control when and how such changes take place in our lives

This year, we want you to resolve to not have a new year Resolution! Resolution that will not last till June, is that one resolution?

From all of us @ PunStars, we would like to wish you a Resolution Free New Year

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