“We don’t just strike, we can also storm” – ASUU Chairman

"We don't just strike, we can also storm" - ASUU Chairman

On Monday, December 17th 2018, the Academic Strike Union of Universities had a meeting with the federal government on negotiation & resolution of the ongoing strike.

However, the meeting didn’t end fruitfully as the members of the Union stormed out of the meeting, leaving the representative of the Federal Government confused and surprised.

One of our correspondents, Bayode Otitokoro had a chat with the ASUU Chairman and here is what he had to say:

“Who do these FG people think they are? They are always underestimating our superpowers. Do they think it’s only strike we can strike? Our powers also include storming,” said the disgruntled ASUU Chairman as he was dusting off his boxing gloves.  He said due to the fisticuffs that ensued yesterday, he was preparing himself for the next ASUU meeting with FG.

“In fact, we would bring down the entire weather system on these FG people. It is as if they are not serious at all. Do they know how long it took us to plan this strike, all the strategic planning and formation. It’s true that we currently strike better than Thunder, now we are storming and we would continue to “rain” curses on the heads of these useless FG people.”

Our correspondent was also able to talk to the Vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (who we weren’t sure was there) on the matter. In his witty remark, Prof. Osinbajo said “We were where we were when the ASUU came with their demand and when we were where we were we were saying that we were not going to be able to meet up with all their demands because we don’t have money, but they insisted that we meet up. Come sef, do they want us to sell our wears?”

You can watch the full video below:

The ASUU strike has been on for more than a month now with no hope of resolution. These industrial action affects nobody but the students who are the future masters of industry.

We would like to advice these students to make judicious use of their time to at least learn a trade, or write satires like us & become Pun Stars.

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