According to Dan Lok, copywriting is salesmanship or saleswomanship on print. More or less of a salesperson glaring and advertising to you with words, strung together to evoke your emotions and make you act towards some certain action, which is to buy. That’s if you’ve written a good copy, anyway.

Then what makes a copy a good one?

The first tip is the ability to grab attention. By nature, humans are always programmed to rush. They are always chasing something and something is always chasing them, either going to work, or catching up with a meeting or paying a visit to the restroom.

In order to make them read your copy, you must have a catchy headline. Your headline should be an attention magnet. A headline that weighs meaning and gives suspence, makes your readers inquisitive about what you’ve got for them in the copy.

After this, make the first sentence short; remember we are dealing with humans — short sentence that’s relating directly to the headline.

What follow the short sentences is the benefit of the product you offer, let the reader feel the “sense of ownership” in your advert.

Set the environment, let them feel so comfortable, so at home that they are willing to spare you few more seconds to read your copy

Now, bring up the making up of the products, and the secret recipe here is to explain the simple products in a complex and the complex products in a sim reader converting to customers. In copywriting, no one cares about your good english, if you’ve written a very good copy without it leading to sales, you’ve just got a “beautiful nonsense”. Your call to action is the icing on the cake.

Besides, your main purpose of writing a copy in the first place is to make sales!

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