When non writers hears writers, they see a set of people with God given abilities of over flowing ink. People see writers as people who just write because they were born that way.

But in reality, writers are just bunch of people holding hands together, pulling each other up, through lots of hard work and proficiency. Writers help writers.


They write everyday!
Drinking from the cup of a great writer, E.B White: “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”
There are no perfect timing to write as a writer, either as an amateur or professional, the goal is just to write everyday.

Some writers are dawn breakers, Ernest Hemingway, wakes up with the cock to write. Kurt Vonnegut pen wake up faster than most humans. They don’t hunt for the perfect time, they just took their pen and write before the morning task takes over them. Today, prolific writers do the same. When you write everyday, you indirectly strengthen your writing prowess.

Gone are those days, when you write and start searching for a proofreader to cross check your grammar after a long queue. The internet, has so much makes it easy for you to access writers that help you sharpen your writings skills within a jiffy.

If you’re a story teller, this is for you.

1. Setting-Planner.

Setting-Planner gives you the room to organize the settings of your story, putting all elements to life (mood, symbolism, weather etc).

2. Setting-Checklist

Setting-Planner build each setting in your story. So they do double duty while setting the stage for your reader.

3. Character Pyramid Tool

This tool helps visualize your character’s flaws and associated behaviors.

4. Setting-Exercise

With setting exercise, you enhance your description skills through exercises.

5. Character Target Tool

This organize and group your character’s positive attribute, by category: moral, achievement, interactive or identity.

6. Career Assessment Tools

Sometimes your writing block-out, when thinking of the best career to fit your character. As every action is important, so is their job too. Your character job decides whether he will smile when he gets home, or by the horn of his car, the children watching movies disappear to their rooms.

7. Crutch Words

We all overdo it, using words repetitively without even our consciousness. Crutch Words remove all these words while revising it.

In summary, what writing takes is not the hype of inborn abilities, rather a continuous daily writings.


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